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Very Bright Orb - Norman, Oklahoma

Report: 1673

October 3, 2023

At 8:08pm-8:10pm on 10/03/2023, I witnessed a bright orb of light moving from NNW to SE in the sky in Norman, Oklahoma. It was noticeable because it was the brightness of 10 or 15 airplanes — far, far brighter and larger than any light planet in the sky and larger — and moved at a steady pace and then suddenly disappeared. It had the brightness of 15+ large stars/plants if you grouped them all together. The UFO had no blinking lights like planes do and had no red light like planes do. It was very, very bright. I checked against FlightAware and there were no aircraft moving in that direction in that location at 8:07-8:10. I even videoed airplanes afterward and was unable to replicate what the video of the UFO looked like. In fact, planes are typically not near bright enough to even see in the dark with the camera on my iPhone. They also have blinking lights.


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