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Below are reports that we'd like to get more eyes on for crowdsourcing purposes. With so many reports coming in, it can be difficult to highlight reports that may be associated with a UFO flap, or reports that have unique characteristics develop during our investigations into their nature.

Tic Tac Object Made Contact with Drone
Date: April 10, 2024 - City: Phoenix - State: Arizona

Was flying my drone when a massive what seemed to resemble a dryer vent duct came slowly down towards the top of my drone and gave it a sort of bunny kiss love tap then abruptly flipped itself and instantly swooshed in a wavey slithering like spiral motion straight back up well above any airliner would be flying and it happened instantly and silently and then it came back down and came to a halt horizontally and seemed to be almost like a leaf in the wind except it was a dryer ventilation duct shaped object swooshing and swaying again Getting increasingly higher and higher. It seemed to come and go at this point changing in colors from almost silver to blue to a mirror like glow and it seemed at this point to look like a ribbon dancing in the sky from one location to another changing it’s course and gaining in altitude.


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Circular Rotating Craft Hovered Above Us
Date: October 16, 1996 - City: Pensacola - State: Florida

This was long ago but I wanted to have it at least on some public record. Myself and 2 friends were all outside in front of my house playing under a tree. Sitting and chanting, The Craft had just come out for rent so we had been watching that and got our chanting inspiration from it. As we sat and continued our silly chants a large, circular flying object seemed to come out of nowhere. Hovered above us almost directly above the tree we sat under. It was silver/grey, rotating and had multicolored lights. We all got scared as you can imagine a bunch of 10/11 year old girls would. My 2 friends lived next door and the other 2 houses down, all on the same side of the road as my house. The one next door ran into her home, the other friend and I ran to her house two down, I wanted to make sure she got home safe so I went with her. We went inside her house for approximately 1 - 2 minutes. We went back outside to see if it was still there, by this time it was still flying near/low but slightly higher than the tree line and was making its way down the road maybe 3 blocks or so but still visible. It was still daylight out not quite even dusk so it was and still is odd to me that nobody else reported seeing it. It was maybe around 7-730pm. Seeing it made its way far enough for me to feel safe I ran home back to my house. That was the last I saw or heard of it. My 2 friends and I still can recall it with great clarity to this day. This occurred in Pensacola, FL in the neighborhood of Crescent Lake. View Report

Bizarre Lights in the Sky
Date: March 31, 2024 - City: Wasilla - State: Alaska

I have observed bizarre lights in the sky, over Wasilla, Alaska, for approximately four weeks. The lights may appear to be unusually bright stars if one briefly glances at the night sky. However, the lights are not singular,they all have the same luminosity/color/configuration. Furthermore, they maneuver in rapid circles, S-curves, zig-zag patterns, and hover. Extraordinarily, when they perform a zig-zag maneuver they appear to blur, and move in every direction (it is disorienting to watch) before traveling on a particular path (almost like superposition). I served as an EW in an aircraft carrier battlegroup, so I have seen a lot of air platforms at night. Nothing I have ever seen looked like this. Additionally, I am educated, and familiar with astronomical objects, as well as average space platforms (satellites, the ISS, etc). Another person witnessed these, also. Last night, I counted eight of them, surrounding the area I live in, all performing impossible maneuvers. View Report

Orbs in Yard Caught on Camera
Date: March 23, 2024 - City: Millen - State: Georgia

I caught a large glowing ORB on two blink cameras passing over our home at 12:06 AM. This happens frequently in our area as the events occur within a few seconds. It was not the moon being the Orb/sphere was fully round and the moon does not enter that phase until late next week. I have visual evidence that I can upload as well that shows the Orb versus stationary objects (e.g. trees, lights, and my home structure) to show depth, size, and contrast. I have reported other sightings in our area and several neighbors have collaborated with me on their own experiences.

Video 1 - Video 2

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Multiple Orbs Flying Around Each Other at the Twin Arrows Casino
Date: March 17, 2024 - City: Twin arrows/flagstaff - State: Arizona

At about 3:40am I was parked at the twin arrows casino in Arizona facing east when I noticed about 8 to 10 lights. It looked like stars or planes at first with their formation but then some would get really bright then fade to black but zigzag and fly around each other in a circle. I got a picture from my iphone 15 pro max of their formation with 5 in a square and 1 top left dim light and 1 bottom dim. They were over New Mexico area I am guessing near Shiprock and standing rock. As a truck driver I see sometimes often. I don't know how I can upload the picture to here though. After they did this formation several times they disappeared towards Fort Wingate New Mexico.

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Multiple White Orbs Traveling in Formation
Date: March 10, 2024 - City: Laguardo - State: Tennessee

I was headed north on Route 109. I had passed Laguardo, TN and was headed to Gallatin, TN. At 11:40 I noticed what I initially thought was a flock of birds high in the sky. As I attempted to identify what type of bird they were, they seemed to have disappeared. I looked again and there they were. It got me curious enough to pull over to take a better look. They appeared to be stationary just a bit left of the highway and high in the sky. I couldn't tell exactly what it was but there were quite a few of them. Maybe around 20 altogether. They were either white or silver and where possibly in the shape of orbs. While remaining stationary in the sky, they did sort of move positions in the large cluster. Because of this, I really didn't think they could be drones. The close proximity to each other and the way they crossed paths, would have surely caused drone equipment to collide. There wasn't a cloud in the sky yet they would all simultaneously disappear and then reappear. This happened several times. There was no sound. I took several pictures but only a couple showed the objects. Unfortunately the pictures really don't answer any of my questions either. Maybe someone else knows what it is. I had to be to Gallatin to meet someone at noon, so I couldn't stick around longer. But they were still there when I left.

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50ft Wide Circular Object with Amber Lights.
Date: September 30, 2023 - City: Ashland - State: Kentucky

My wife and I went for a ride and get some dinner then some ice cream during the evening. The road goes by Summit Prison in Boyd County. While driving towards the prison my wife states that people had been dropping drugs into the prison by using drones. So naturally while we get closer I’m looking up in the sky which I normally don’t do. I then see this odd lights above the tree line. I’m thinking Oh my it’s a drone!…then I’m thinking maybe it’s the top of a tower…but then notice it moving slowly. Then I realize it can’t be a drone because of its size. I would figure it was around 50 foot wide. It was circular in shape and moving very slowly over the road and straight my vehicle. I’m yelling to my wife what is that..look at it. She couldn’t see it from her angle from sitting in the passenger side. It’s above me and to the left of my vehicle…I’m slowing down and looking out the window..she starts yelling at me to get my head back in the truck there’s a state trooper parked up ahead. He’s gonna pull you over… so I did as told but kept looking back…it was slowly moving over the prison…as I got close to where the state trooper was parked…as I pass he is leaning in his windshield and looking up in the sky! I know he seen what I seen… I could tell it was circular in shape.. it had two orange lights on what I call the front and one on each side and one on the rear. When I say orange it’s more like dim headlights on an old car… there are no colored marker lights or a spotlight like a helicopter would have. And I originally rolled my window down to get a better look and see if I could hear anything… but no noise. Super quiet. I have been racking my brain for 3 days about what I seen trying to make sense of it. I went to look for any reports posted from anyone else. Nothing. So I wanted to have this recorded before I lose any details of what happened and what I seen. Hope someone finds this and helps verify what they may have seen. View Report

Close Encounter with Bright UFO
Date: August 13, 2015 - City: Napoli - State: New York

3 of us were sitting on the open deck of my friends cabin around midnight . Suddenly Danny said what is that and pointed south. (This cabin is sourronded by tall trees) I turned my head to the left and the woods were lit up from above with extremely bright pure white light from a slow moving object that was just huge in size. This object moved right above us and completely lit up the entire area.. the shadows from the trees Were moving all around us as the object moved slowly overhead and north. There was complete silence the entire time and no wind or tree rustling was happening at all. The light appeared to be about 100 feet above the tree tops. It is so vivid to this day to see the dancing leaf shadows all around us. The light slowly moved north and disappeared.. roughly 2 minutes later 2 very low flying and slow moving jets flew right over us heading north. All 3 of us were basically in shock and didn't speak much. I don't know if we lost time or what happened. To this day we don't know the date or even year this occurred. It was summer and roughly 6,7,8 years ago. View Report

UFO Captured on 35mm Film
Date: May 31, 1997 - City: Baker city - State: Oregon

It was Saturday May 31st 1997. I was 18 year's old. I and my girlfriend were at a friends house. It was about 11:00 PM when we noticed about 8 lights in the Northwestern sky. The lights were moving Southeast. So my girlfriend and I proceeded to go to my Grandmother's house which was a few blocks away. The lights ended up stopping in The Southeastern sky. We stood in the front yard of my Grandmother's house for awhile. Where I began to try and speak to the lights using my mind. I asked them saying "I just want to know if you are really aliens?" My girlfriend and I then proceeded to move to the back yard. I had a 35mm camera and 3 roll's of film. I shot pictures until the batteries went dead in the camera. About 2:00 AM I started to see the sky get dark above us and I mean pitch black. I remember looking up noticing the blackness. And then the next thing I remember it was about 5:30 AM just turning daylight. And I was standing there with my eyes following a silver disc leaving the atmosphere. There was about 3½ hour's of missing time. That following day we took the roll's of film to be developed. We picked them up and most of the pictures were just pure black. But we found a couple that had lights. My girlfriend put them away. And we forgot about the encounter. Somehow we were made to forget. Our memories had been tampered with. It was now the year 2013' sixteen year's later. And I stumbled upon the photograph's. I took the 35mm print to our local drugstore. Where I used their Kodak picture maker machine. Where I sized up the 35mm print to an 8×10. I took the 8×10 and then scanned it into my computer. Where I was able to zoom in on the image. I have since then misplaced the Original 35mm print. The frame I had the photo in had an open end and the photo fell out of the frame and has been lost. Fortunately, I had the images saved on my computer. The images that are attached are 100% authentic Extraterrestrial U.F.O. (Note) If you flip the zoomed-in image upsidedown you can see the different dimensions of the craft. It is now 26 year's later and I have decided to share my story and the photographs. It has been quite an ordeal over the many year's. I just thought that I should share this information. Because people deserve to know the truth. Alien's are real. View Report

UFO Report #: 1473
Date: September 13, 2014 - City: Greensboro - State: North Carolina

Sometime around maybe September 2014 me and my boss were staying in a rental house in the outskirts of Greensboro NC while we were out of town working. After work one evening me and my boss were sitting in the back yard talking when I noticed out of the corner of my eye these red spheres flying. When I say red it looks like the red glow you would see in a coal bed of a hot fire. There were 5 or 7 of them flying in an uneven V formation flying Parallel to the fence line on the property. It’s hard to tell how low they were but they seemed to be maybe the size of a small plane and flying lower than any plane I have ever seen except military planes. They continued flying in the same direction when I asked my boss at the time if he was seeing it too. He replied yes as we kept watching them fly by with no sound. After they got maybe three quarters of the way over the property and trees they started scattering, making very erratic sharp turns, angles and movements really drew your eye to it because i have never thought anything could move like they were never hitting one another or making any noise. Then as they were about to fly over the tree line at the back of the property they formed back into a V formation and flew out of sight keeping the same speed throughout if I remember right. My boss at the time told me not to say anything because he was afraid he might loose his contracts due to people thinking we were crazy. The next day I told some of our colleagues and my boss even acknowledged he saw something but that was it. I haven’t really told that many people till I started seeing pictures and videos on YouTube that were very similar or the same spheres we saw. I’m hoping that by writing this report I can gain some new knowledge of what we saw because I don’t know but one other person to talk to about all this. View Report

UFO Report #: 1450
Date: February 27, 2023 - City: Cancun - State: Mexico

On 2/27/23, an orb was witnessed pushing a small cloud in Cancun, Mexico 7:53pm.


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UFO Report #: 1441
Date: March 5, 2023 - City: Evansville - State: Indiana

Driving in my car, saw an object hovering above the tree line with a large spotlight on the lake in my subdivision. I assumed it was a private drone someone was playing with. As I drew closer, I could see that it was not a drone as it was too large. I thought it may be a helicopter but there was no noise. The object was to my right and the road is a sweeping curve to the left. As I rounded the curve, the object began to move in a south easterly direction, allowing full visibility. The object was shaped like a fidget spinner or Nerf boomerang. Three arms with large downward glowing lights almost as wide as the arm itself out at the ends. The shape of the arms could be described as rectangular, almost candy bar like. Smooth gray metal in appearance. I was so dumbfounded, it didn't even occur to me to grab my phone. The object accelerated on the southeast course and was gone in just a few seconds. I live near the airport, so I am familiar with all the normal flight paths. The direction this object took would mean about a 75 degree right bank to hit the main runway if at all possible from this approach. View Report

UFO Report #: 1440
Date: March 4, 2023 - City: Galveston island - State: Texas

I live on Galveston island, Tx. Most days I like to take a walk on the beach. Around 11:30 before noon, as I walked a few blocks west on the island, I turned to head back. Usually, I keep my head down looking for sea shells on the ground. I looked up facing east of the island. Gaido’s restaurant is on 39th St. and Seawall boulevard. As I stood on the beach at water’s edge and looked up;I saw a very large chrome object. It had a shape of “large pill, oval shaped and numerous round windows on its side”. It came out from over the Gaido’s roof, towards the beach and turned South. It was heading South along the coast until it disappeared in the foggy coast. I stood there in disbelief for a few minutes. Had to take my time to really recap what happened! View Report

UFO Report #: 1421
Date: June 7, 2016 - City: Louisburg - State: Missouri

I was riding with my mother and brother back from ball practice. We were heading north through a tiny town called Louisburg, MO. In the west end of town there is a cell phone tower, above the tower I saw 4 diamond shaped lights. They were stacked with three on the bottom one on top. The three lower lights faded off and only the tip one remained for a second longer until it too shut off. I immediately shouted out "I just saw a UFO"! To which my mother and brother gave me their uninterested "oh really huhs"? My mother dropped me off at my car that I had parked in town so we could continue the drive home. 10 minutes go by and we are driving through the countryside, I was leading the way home and my mother and brother were behind me. Once again the light came on but this time much lower and lower to the ground to where the size of what ever I saw was much much larger. Again the three lights faded and only one remained until it went out too. I picked up my phone, (I know I was driving but I mean come on) and called my boy friend at the time absolutely freaked out. Down the road the lights came on again. I hung up with my boyfriend and took a picture, but only of the one light that stayed on the longest. I was still driving north, so my picture isn't the moon or a star or a lamp from some ones yard as i was driving in the middle of no where. You can see it above the tree line. After I took the picture my brother called me yelling "MOM AND I SAW IT TOO! IT CAME ON OVER THE FEILD BESIDE US THEN SUDDENLY IT WAS INFRONT OF YOU!" To which I replied a few I told you so and I'm not crazy. As it passed in front of my I could tell it seemed like the lights on bottom were sorta rotating, in the classic UFO shape. I was driving 60 mph. So to see it a mile or so down the road a few seconds later I can't even guess how fast it was moving. My father is a very old fashioned man. Doesn't believe in anything other than the Christian faith. Discredit all three of us and made joked about it. We didn't expect him to believe it or even tried to convince him. He told us that his friend frequently sees the lights along the same road, to which my father also teased him about having lighting bugs on his windshield. I'm not sure on what date the next sighting happened but I remember feeling very smug about it. The person in my family who saw it next was my father. He was visiting my grandmother one evening. When four lights in the sky appeared over her house. He could describe in detail exactly the same thing the three of us could tell. He said he believe the three lights were like some sort of boosters that when the faded were doing just that. Boosting the craft in whatever direction. The lights were there and then gone. What I found to be the most scary about the whole experience was when I first saw the lights in town I was the only one in the car to see it. I pointed it out. Then for it to almost seem like it followed me. Followed me pretty close to home. Why did it come on in front of my car? Was it because I saw it? It was like an out of body experience. Like I was watching a movie. Like what I'm seeing shouldn't be happening. The closest military base is Fort Leonard Wood. If it was something front there why come over here. Something strange went on in Hickory County in the summer of 2916. View Report

UFO Report #: 1400
Date: August 1, 2014 - City: Fort riley - State: Kansas

While working on duty as a Military Police Officer, I noticed a triangle shaped UFO flying over the Fort Riley Training Area. While working as a Military Police Officer on night patrol. I was driving my patrol car east on McCormick Blvd heading to historical main post in Fort Riley, Kansas. As I was driving by the baseball fields on my left hand side, I could see a big, triangle object in the sky. I was driving at speeds of approximately 25mph and noticed no clouds in the sky throughout the night. The stars were very bright and easy to see even inside the vehicle. This triangle shape craft was approximately 1/3 mile wide, by 3/4 miles long in size. The craft was heading North East in direction while I was heading straight east. I pulled over in the McCormick Park parking lot where I got out of the patrol vehicle and saw the back half of the craft flying very slowly over the hills just to the North of the park. I went to call up to the dispatch office of any aircraft training tonight. I quickly regressed due to possible ridicule from other officers. I drove to the air field just out! side of historical main post to see if any training flights were being conducted. The entire airfield was closed with no activity of aircraft missions being conducted. I have only told my wife and my father this story. Since I am now out of the Army, I figured now is the time to say something. This object couldn't have been human made. It was completely dark with no visible lights. I could see the shape and movement based on the craft blocking out the stars. I'm still not sure what I saw. But to this day I'm terrified of its size and how low it was to the ground. No noise was recognized from the craft during this incident. View Report

UFO Report #: 1369
Date: March 1, 2023 - City: Holiday - State: Florida

Around 6:13pm saw a small plane flying by in the distance over the Gulf of Mexico. at the time of sighting I was about 1 1/2 miles from the Gulf a round object appeared as plane was passing by and it caught my attention at first I thought I was a incoming plane but soon afterwards another object appeared very close to the first object about 30 seconds later a third round object appeared about 200 feet below the first two. I would say these objects were about 4,000 feet up. Me and my 10 year old son watch the objects for about 4 minutes before they disappeared. Tried to take video but they were to for away for my cell phone. View Report

UFO Report #: 1319
Date: February 27, 2023 - City: Playa del carmen - State: Mexico

We were walking and saw a floating moving object with a bluish white light around it, and what appeared to be a small cloud in front of it. There were no clouds In the sky. This cloud moved with the object, staying a fixed distance in front of it the entire time. The object made no sound. I have a video and photos. The object then disappeared over the ocean.


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UFO Report #: 1261
Date: February 17, 2023 - City: Snyder - State: Texas

Early in the morning in west Texas, I saw an abnormally bright star. I started to record the star and it started to slowly move across the sky. As it moved I could see it was a triangle object with lights on each point. It moved slowly and steadily, only moved after I started to record it. View Report

UFO Report #: 1237
Date: February 2, 2023 - City: Mechanicsburg - State: Pennsylvania

I was outside smoking a cigarette with my dogs as I very often am. It was dusk and the sky was overcast. As I was looking up directly over my head coming from over my left shoulder the clouds became disrupted. The only way to describe it was as if you were looking at the clouds through the heat radiating from a fire. It was cold outside and there were no fires burning. As this object kept moving forward I could see the cloud disruption took the form of a large triangle. It wasn't moving fast so I had a good 20 seconds seeing this triangle moving forward as it vanished in the distance. I swear to God I witnessed this. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me. View Report

UFO Report #: 1235
Date: February 20, 2023 - City: Alfred - State: New York

I was outside walking to the store around 12:30. Just wanted to get some fresh air. I was walking downhill and I looked up and noticed about 10-15 lights in a triangular formation. When I looked close enough I could see the craft moving very slowing. Black pretty much blended in with the sky, almost like a shadow. What’s weird to me is how silent it was. Made no noise whatsoever. I could hear the stream of water down the hill. But did not hear anything from the craft. After a few seconds it passed over my head and disappeared into the clouds. Couldn’t regain sight of it. Very strange for sure. Idk if it’s military or what. But felt like I should post it on here to see what others may think. View Report

UFO Report #: 1226
Date: July 23, 2014 - City: Gordo - State: Alabama

My sighting date isn’t accurate. But I hope that isn’t an important detail anyway in this story. I’m speaking about this now because for years I discredited this as a drone of some sort. Because of Google. I was living in Gordo AL, me and a friend were driving home from town on old highway 82 west bound. It was approximately 1 am. We turned down Hargrove road which is the road my driveway connects to. He lives about 3 miles away from my house but to get there we have to pass my driveway which is Huckleberry lane. Before my driveway the road has a slight left curve followed by decline in grade. At the bottom of this grade is my driveway. Then the grade proceeds to incline. I guess a good description would be my driveway is at the bottom of gulley. The end of my driveway has an orange street light which was illuminated at this time. As we proceeded around the curve and down the hill we spotted an orange ball of light exactly in the middle of the road around 20ft off the ground. We both spotted this at the same time. We were traveling around 40-50mph. As we proceeded to drive under the object I remember this inability to react. But consciously I was aware. But unable to react. I remember before this feeling we were approximately 30ft in distance from the object. As we proceeded approximately 30ft away from the object after we passed I was able to react again. I came to a stop, we looked back and there was nothing but I could tell by his reaction we had the same experience. He confirmed what we seen. At this moment we was 50-60ft from the event area. What I think makes my story unique is after around 2 minutes of us discussing this event we proceeded to turn around and replicate the event by driving back down the road because I assumed we saw a double image of the streetlight through the windshield. An illusion. We only tried once but we could not replicate the light we seen. We concluded it wasn’t the streetlight because this would be easily replicated. I proceeded to take him home and return home myself and I told my stepfather what happened. We are the only 3 that know this happened to us. I later googled orange ball of light and an article about drones appeared with a picture of the ball of light that had similar features of what we saw. I debunked it to this as it was relatively the same size as the ball of light we seen around 2ft - 3ft in diameter. I want to believe it was a drone but curiosity has got the best of me so I decided to release this story here. We still don’t know for sure what we saw but the sensations we experienced that night was unforgettable. I will never forget the feeling of consciously trying to react and being unable to. We was like moths to a flame. I wouldn’t say paralyzed but dazed would be a better description. And the snap back to being able to move and speak and finally say “bro did you see that” was surreal never felt anything like it. I would like to know what I saw and if this sensation has been reported before in UFO sightings because this is the only thing unexplainable to us. We didn’t lose track of time or anything this event lasted only 15-20 seconds maybe less. -J.W. View Report

UFO Report #: 1193
Date: February 16, 2023 - City: Millen - State: Georgia

Between 11 PM and 12 AM, a series of orbs appeared in the sky. These orbs (about 3-4) were darting back at incredible speeds with no sound. I watched and actually filmed them as they danced around overhead. About 15 minutes later we heard a roar of Jets that attempted to track and keep up with the Orbs. We could see the Orbs darting back and forth while we tracked the Jets via their own lights. I was outside in the front and back of the house at various times watching this occur but it was interesting that when the Orbs came closer to the ground, the peepers that were chirping all became silent. My wife also witnessed this event. This is my second reported sighting within a week, and it may seem unusual to have a this frequency of reporting, but this is actually going on. View Report

UFO Report #: 1150
Date: February 13, 2023 - City: Collinsville - State: Oklahoma

Was pulling out of drive way looked towards the West up into the sky and saw the several lights flying across the sky some irregular formation took video This happened west of Collinsville, Oklahoma My wife witness the lights across the sky.

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UFO Report #: 1025
Date: February 8, 2023 - City: Cliffside park - State: New Jersey

Saw a Starlike object glowing and disappearing above. Object had no sound stayed stationary and glow like the brightest star or planet in the sky. Event happened for 10 minutes maybe longer. It would glow for a few seconds and disappear for longer Bout 15 to 20 seconds. Have a video from my cellphone.

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UFO Report #: 916
Date: January 22, 2023 - City: Marshall - State: Minnesota

Letting my dog out around 7pm the last three days. I’ve been seeing this multicolored bright (brighter than stars, planets, moon) UFO hovering in the sky. This third night, I stayed out longer watching and I saw a second one at the same time. It whizzed past the first one and then disappeared. They’re many sparkling colors, almost like a bright shining diamond. Sometimes they look like they almost explode and get super bright and then disappear and reappear a second or two later.

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UFO Report #: 891
Date: January 22, 2023 - City: Brier - State: Washington

7-10 orange white orbs pulsating in the same arc going NE —>SW. Slowly across the sky. No sound, no blinking. Starlink live map showed no starlink trains above. 8:20-8:40 pm approximately in sight behind neighbors house. Looked far away, yet large at the same time. Moved too slowly to be starlink IMO. View Report

UFO Report #: 785
Date: January 14, 2023 - City: Brusly - State: Louisiana

Went outside about 8:15 pm tonight and noticed a slow moving, steady, orange light in the sky. It looked like a burning or glowing light. Not like any plane or helicopter I've seen. I videoed it for a minute and then two more kind of faded into sight. I went in to get my husband. He came out and we watched them for a while. They would all be really bright and then one would kind of stray off and fade out before reappearing and joining up with the others again. I took a bunch of videos.

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UFO Report #: 757
Date: January 4, 2023 - City: Brookings - State: Oregon

Saw 7 ufo’s in brookings oregon in January 4th 2023. They were sitting stationary about East / south . They had multiple color lights flashing in a circular motion and upon zooming in you can see the seperate lights also . I could not see the object itself but it was round and 1 of them changed shapes. I have a few videos of it also I’ll send in. Between the videos and me going inside the house there is 10 minutes missing and out of nowhere I have carpal tunnel bad enough for surgery and I’m healthy and 31 yrs old . The dr. Doesn’t know why I have it and it started the day after this encounter.

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UFO Report #: 166
Date: October 16, 2020 - City: Interstate 20 - State: New Mexico

My sighting was two years ago, and as I'm typing this I feel anxious from what we saw. I don't remember exactly where in New Mexico we were except being in a very rural area. My newly married wife Shelly and myself were leaving Arizona where I had been living and moving to her place in Louisiana. We were on Interstate 20 somewhere midway through New Mexico, beautiful blue clear sky's. She looked out the window and she told me there's something in the sky. This might sound silly to you but I'm having to catch my breath, this is how much what we saw two years ago is still effecting me. As a Christian I don't believe in little green men it doesn't make since with my beliefs. So anyway I pull over the side of the road and in the sky is this stationary large white spot. At least it looked like a spot until it rotated counter clockwise 180°. And that's when I realized we were looking at something that seemed to be some kind of a flying craft. When it rotated the sun reflected off the side and I could make out a shape similar to a mailbox or a cylinder. Odd shape for something that flys through the sky, not aerodynamic. So it rotated stopped and started moving away from us slowly at first then moved away so fast it seemingly vanished. Then maybe 15 seconds later it reappears in the exact same spot rotates 180° moves away slowly and disappears again. It does this five times then it's gone. I was just astonished, me and my wife get back in the truck and try to make sense of what we saw. She got on the internet and found a couple of military bases I think were within I'm guessing 50 or so miles. So we decided we must have seen some kind of experimental aircraft. We had taken a picture but the only thing that came out was a white spot in the sky. And when you blow the picture up all you can make out is something looks like a coffee cup, It's blurry. I see there's no place to post a picture, if there is please let me know and I'll post it. If I can find it, it seems to have disappeared. View Report

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