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Multiple UFO Experiences - Liberty, South Carolina

Report: 1804

March 12, 2024

I have over 5 experiences on video/ picture proof. And to say i have watched meteor showers all my life. And i have never seen lights and electric ball objects. I have been eye witnessing these events off and on since November 2023 and ongoing till now. I have wanted to get in contact with someone so that i could have feedback because i haven’t shared with anyone! I’ve kept it a secret lol ! I also have never seen green lighting until the beginning of this year & 2 big green comet/shooting star. (I’m not sure) but i experienced both driving. 1 in December and 1 in January. (Not recorded) I’m not sure but I’ve been self researching every day, and i a have a clear view of the whole sky, and their a star , and i want to know what it is. Because i have spiritually awoken ever since all this come about. I want to know if all these are connected. I need answers please ?


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