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Fast Moving triangular Craft - East Liverpool, Ohio

Report: 1854

September 1, 2013

First, my date is off, it was in the fall of 2013. I was raking leaves. From the West an object flew East. This object(like a triangle) was moving faster than any jet. There was no sound. I estimate it was 3000' above ground. It was like it went slow motion over me. I could not talk about it for weeks, thus my date is off. I believe it effected my recall. It was very weird what I witnessed that day. I would like to add, I served in the US Navy. I worked many hours on the flight deck of a aircraft carrier. I have seen super sonic flights of fighter aircraft. I estimate this object to be going 2500 mph at least. I have looked for years to see if this ever was reported. I have found nothing. It past me, entering into Pa. I am in Ohio. 43920. I would add more to the right person.


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