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Black Triangle UFO - San Diego, California

Report: 1907

June 7, 2024

I live near Palomar Mountain which is in San Diego County. I went outside to feed the Dog around 10:00 PM and I noticed a very large Black Triangle UFO with strange white lights on the sides. It did have a few red lights as well. The lights would blink but not like a plane. The Triangle was really large about the size of two football fields at the elevation of a plane would fly at. It glided across the sky really slow towards the direction to San Diego. It did make a noise kind of like a jet but at very low level and the sound was away from the UFO. I ran into the House to get my phone but I was only able to get a couple of pictures of the lights of the back of the UFO. I thought I could not have been the only one to witness this UFO because it was too large and it was also headed to a populated area. There was also a small airplane in the sky traveling at the same time but flying in a different direction. They must have witnessed this UFO. I stayed up to watch the local news because I thought it would have been on there but there wasn’t anything reported.


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