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UFO Report from Northwest of Coast of Havana, Mexico

Report: 1924

June 11, 2024

During a cruise, I spotted what looked like a bright star that was moving rapidly and at angle's I'd never seen aircraft maneuver. We were headed from Miami to Cozumel on day 2 at sea and I spotted it first around 1130pm. It was at the ship's port/stern mostly at the rear and higher than the clouds at that time. Distance was difficult to determine but it was not a star although it was identical in color to the stars. Very Light blueish tint. If I had to estimate, it was 5-10 miles away on average. It seemed to be following the ship and would glide up into the sky, hold for a few seconds, then dip down and forward toward the ocean in the same direction of the ship. Sometimes coming in line with the side of the ship in the distances almost at sea level. Then it would shoot back up toward the rear and into the sky in a following pattern. Ship was in semi choppy waters, and we were speeding along pretty quickly around 30mph.The object would close in distances of around 10-20 miles in a matter of a second. Very smooth-like then stop. I called my wife out of the cabin to get a second pair of eyes and she watched it with me for about half an hour before heading back in. I continued watching for nearly 2 hrs. Eventually a second and maybe 3rd came in sight but Cloud cover started getting heavier and it got difficult to see amything at all. My estimate based of our time at sea and where we were headed, this was roughly in the area of these coordinates: 22°53ག"N 84°49ཱ"W. I have around a combined 50 images and videos but all are rough due to the darkness and movement of the ship. There are good references in the images that show the star-like object location moving while the actual stars stay in place. Also, clouds show in one of the videos the object move rapidly downward. I am willing to share my unedited files. A pro could enhance and make it more visible. I'd like to note that it seemed like it knew it was being watched and was showing off its moves or having fun. At around 1240 I got tired of watching out in the oncoming storm and decided to go to bed. I have military experience and a pretty good knowledge of types of crafts land and air and their abilities. This was beyond everything we publicly know about, that exists by our current known technologies.


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