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My UFO Encounter

Thanks for visiting my website. My UFO journey officially began in the Spring of 1998. I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland and had never really given extraterrestrial life a whole lot of thought, outside of ET and other science fiction movies. That would all change in one 5-minute encounter on a cool night towards the end of spring 1998.

It’s funny how the mind can singe certain memories onto your brain like a hot iron while leaving out some of the surrounding detail. For instance, I don’t remember where I was driving from when I had the sighting. This has bothered me because I want to be completely factual in my description of not only the event but the facts leading up to the event. My rationale for not remembering where I was coming from is that adrenaline had played a huge role in searing the encounter into my memory, and the level of adrenaline was not present before the encounter. Also, wherever I was driving from, a friend’s house, studying at college, playing basketball at the local gym, was so common to me there was nothing really out of the ordinary to burn into my memory; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth for the event itself.

That being said, here’s the encounter. I was 19 when I had the sighting that would change the course of my mental understanding of our place in the universe. It was a cool night in the spring of 1998. I was driving a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee on a residential street trying to make my way home, which was approximately 6 miles from this location, when a low flying light in the sky caught my attention through the front windshield. I slowed down and lowered my head towards the dashboard to get a better view. Directly above me were three red-amber orbs approximately 50 feet above my vehicle. I immediately pulled to the curb, got out of the Jeep, and stared, completely amazed at what I was seeing. The three orbs moved over the homes on the left side of the street, and slightly lowered in altitude, giving me an even better view. These were swirling amber orbs of light. Strangely, the light had no halo or glow around them like most lights. The light was fully contained within each sphere. The orbs moved around each-other, giving the impression as if they were playing a game of tag. I’ve never experienced something so shocking.

Standing there in amazement, I noticed there was a man getting groceries out of his car about 40 feet to my right. I wanted to call out to him to get his attention, but I didn’t. I’ve always wished I had, just to have another witness, but I was so shocked at the moment I could only think about keeping my eyes on them. As they moved around each-other they also were slowly moving North-East, further away from me, but straight down the street. I got back in the Jeep with the intention of chasing them. I pursued the orbs for about 100 yards before the road curved to the left. I stopped at the curve and again lowered my head to get a better view out of the front windshield. At this point the orbs were still below the trees and I remember them passing a pine tree on their left as they began to rise above it. That image of the pine tree on the left of three glowing red orbs and the night sky in the background is seared on my mind like a photograph. This whole event was truly otherworldly. There was no sound to any of this. They moved with such grace and effortlessness that I never thought for a second it was something manmade. I knew I had just witnessed something not from this world, something truly incredible.

My uncle was staying with us at the time. He drove for a trucking company and would frequently stay with us between contracts. I walked in the house, still in shock, and started to tell him what I had seen. I put my hands up to mimic two of the orbs and their strange motions and he instantly says “And they were flying around each other and doing strange movements, yeah I’ve seen that before.” I couldn’t believe it. My uncle has also seen these? Why wouldn’t he mention it before? I asked him where and he said a few times while on the road as a truck driver. My uncle wasn’t the type of person to gossip or just talk about random topics. You really had to pull things out of him. I guess an encounter with an alien craft wasn’t noteworthy either. It got me wondering how common were these orbs.

Years after the incident I found out my father had an encounter fairly similar to mine in the 1970’s, only about 8 miles from my orb incident. He also reminded me of a time when I was about 6 years old and he came home frantic about something that had just happened. He was driving in roughly the same area at night when a spotlight from the air lit up his truck. He stopped the vehicle on the side of the road, thinking this was a police helicopter looking for someone. When he got out of the truck he was expecting to hear a helicopter and feel the rotor wash from the helicopter rotor, He was dumbfounded because there was no sound and no rushing wind, just a blindingly bright spot light shining down on him. He got back in the truck and headed for the nearest gas station. The light remained on his truck the whole time. He ran into the gas station and got the attendant to come witness this. When he ran back outside with the attendant the light was gone.

There’s something strange going on. My sighting has sparked a deep desire to understand what those orbs were. Hearing my father recount his encounter, and remembering how he looked afterwards when he came home so many years ago, only solidifies my desire to figure this out. This can cause anxiety because maybe we'll never know. I really hope that's not the case. Recent UFO incidents in the news leads me to believe that won't be the case, although those sightings were not nearly as beautiful and awe inspiring as what I experienced. I'd really like to experience it again and talk to others who have had close encounters with these orbs. It's why I've created this website and am putting time and energy into gathering reports and analyzing the data. I really just don't know what else to do.

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