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UFO Report from Bouse, Idaho

Report: 762

September 27, 2021

About a year ago I had lung cancer and they removed part of my lung.after two months of complications,they decided to scrub the inside of the removal area and I kept on having complications after that surgery and was just as my state was going up and I was starting to feel better when this happened! I heard the sound like a bird hitting the window upon looking out the window I saw three orbs that were in it's kind of a circle formation they started to do this formation of going in a circle around each other and then they all took off and disappeared and that was the end of that experience.third time in my life!


Thanks for your report. These orbs sound similar to what I experienced in 1998. I made a short animation on the page detailing my encounter: Orb Encounter. Take a look and let us know if your sighting was similar. The orbs didn't move quite as fast as in my animation, it's sped up a bit.

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