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April 1st, 2024

There's been a lot of news of orbs pushing clouds and smoke rings shooting out from orbs. I first covered this story in February of 2023. Orb Pushing a Cloud Video Here.

As much as I didn't want to believe it, they're actually the SpaceX rocket launch. I was able to trace the path of the orb from multiple witnesses throughout the country on February 28th, 2023 and it perfectly matched the path of the SpaceX rocket. I don't know why it looks like an orb pushing a cloud, but there are many dynamic atmospheric factors coming into play during a rocket launch, in addition to the rocket itself. I'm guessing the smoke ring could be caused from the first stage rocket getting detonated away, and under certain circumstances, this smoke is somehow trapped, and carried along by the rocket. Just a guess.

March 23rd, 2024

We received interesting reports throughout the night. There was a truck driver in Arizona who saw what looks like the same silver orbs witnessed in Tennessee, except this time at night. I’ve added an Upvoted Reports section to the website so that I can highlight reports such as these. I consider all of our reports relevant, but there are a few that I would love to pick out for crowdsourcing identification and to simply highlight. Hopefully this upvoted section provides just that. You can get there from the top menu of the site.

We’ve also received video evidence of orbs from a security camera in Millen, Georgia: https://www.ufoindex.com/report?report=1797. These orbs appear to be roughly the size from my own close encounter. It’s difficult to gauge the size perfectly, and color is unknown because the footage is in black & white. Videos are uploaded to my Dropbox account. They should be accessible with the link from the report but I have no idea how many downloads Dropbox allows, or if there’s a limit.

Today is cold and rainy in New England. My wife and I are headed out to look for a new apartment and then I’ll be back working on the website. I’m contemplating adding a youtube component where I go over reports and document my own UFO hunting. I’m always hesitant to do youtube. I have no desire to be in the public eye in any way; all of the nonsense comments etc. On the other hand, it’s a great way to get reports in front of more people.

March 22nd, 2024

This is day two of my blog. I apologize if this post sounds like rambling but I have multiple topics that I’d like to cover so it may seem discombobulated. First off, a user of our website knows someone who had an almost identical experience to my orb encounter. More info on that as it comes in. It’s exciting to meet people who have also experienced these orbs close up. Today I began using MailChimp to manage my subscriber list. We’ll see how that goes. Most marketing campaigns are run under the assumption that your end result is a sale. I’m not selling anything, so many of the features may be wasted. I just don’t want to use my webserver for any emailing that isn’t a direct email.

More exciting news: My wife and I just purchased a Coleman Rubicon camper. Our goal is to camp on the weekends and bring back UFO reports from New Hampshire, Maine, and the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I have a fulltime job which requires me to get to sleep fairly early on the weekdays, so these weekend excursions will be a must. It also doesn’t hurt that it will be getting warmer. There’s a phenomenon in this part of the country where a fireball in the sky grows larger, moves across the sky a small amount, and then shrinks to nothing. I have no idea what that is, but I saw it twice last summer. I’ve also heard a few people talk about it. I’m hoping to catch it on video while out camping. I’m undecided on gear to bring on these first few camping trips. Typically, I photograph the night sky with old Contax Zeiss manual focus lenses adapted to Nikon Z mirrorless cameras. The reason for this is that autofocus lenses hunt terribly at night and I’ll miss the shot while the camera is racking focus in and out. New lenses are pretty bad at manual focus so it’s the older ones for me. I’ve recently purchased a medium format Fujifilm GFX50s and the adaptor for my Contax lenses. They may vignette in the corners but it’ll be higher megapixel than the Nikon Z6. I’m still undecided, but I’m sure either camera is fine. Most of these sightings are too quick to get some of my longer glass on them, like the 300mm f2.8 or Tamron 150-600mm G2. Wider context in the image can also be beneficial. Let me know if any photographers out there want me to elaborate on my setup.

I’m contemplating sending out the newsletter once per week. It will include interesting sightings from the week and updates from me. Many people have commented that there aren’t enough sighting images on the website. I’m debating how to handle this issue. Some of the sightings people send in are the best images they could get with their phone, but the actual experience was much different. I don’t want to simply post everything submitted. Some is low quality, and some takes up a lot of server resources when there are constant downloads of the video or images. We use images sent in to help us identify the object, an on occasion, will post the images for crowdsourcing identification. These images are always the property of the user who sent them in. I also don’t have a direction peer-to-peer communication system setup for users to communicate directly with those who have filed reports, besides the comment section. This can be problematic because I don’t allow identifiable items such as email to be posted in the comments. This is so you don’t get email spam from the Internet. These are all small issues that I’ll get worked out. Perhaps a discussion forum environment would be beneficial.

In any case, the weekend is here. It’s freezing today but I plan to get out tonight for some UFO hunting. I just picked up a pair of Swarovski 10x42 EL binoculars. It’ll be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next few weeks. Clear glass though :) Happy hunting!


Tonight, I took a walk to look for objects in the sky. It’s cloudy so it was more about testing some new equipment. As I walked, I noticed something about our technology. The night was cloudy, but beautiful. Something calming about the darkness. Unfortunately, the beauty of the night was broken by car after car; headlights destroying the darkness. I know this is no one’s fault. I would have been one of those cars without thinking twice if I was trying to get somewhere tonight. Each car pushed on the accelerator as they tried to get up the hill. It made me think of the Ariel School sighting in Zimbabwe, when the aliens told the school children that our technology was bad. That was all I was thinking about as each car tried to push its underpowered gasoline engine up the hill. Is our technology just bad? Our lights drowning out beautiful nights, in pursuit of meaningless human ventures. I’m sure not everyone traveling was traveling for no reason, but when you add up all the vehicles in the world it kind of makes you stop and think, what’s it all for? A few bicycle paths would be nice. I could get back into shape. The clearing that I wanted to scout had no sidewalks so I had to turn back. I’m really looking forward to picking up the new camper. How much do we miss in the sky going from our fully lighted apartment complex, into a car with headlights, and then to the store, and back to the apartment? We can go weeks without actually experiencing a night on earth. It’s kind of sad. Especially for a UFO researcher who loves the stars.

March 21st, 2024

I'm starting a blog section of the website in order to provide updates as well as to bring attention to noteworthy UFO reports we receive. I also code the website and am very open to ideas and suggestions for additions and improvements. I'm undecided as to whether this blog will be commentable or not. Part of me would enjoy the feedback, but I also see how comments devolve into nonsense when there is no barrier to entry; i.e. facebook. I'm open to being contacted, but only for serious inquiries that lead to progress.

A bit about myself. I'm a medical researcher who's also been a photographer for quite a number of years. Unfortunately, I had a close encounter with three red orbs in 1998. I say unfortunately because had I not had that experience, my mind wouldn't be consumed with this topic as much as it is. I just need to know what they were. I'm hoping that my background in photography, and sheer determination can lead to verifiable proof. I often beat myself up over the fact that I didn't have a camera that night in 1998, and I'm determined to not let it happen again.

Our planet is adrift in an endless sea of stars, and yet somehow people can ignore and even ridicule those who witness alien technology. Something is coming to our planet. It just is what it is. The sooner society matures, the sooner we can put legitimate energy into figuring out what this is. Personally, I believe it’s not just one alien race, but many. People who take the time to truly research the topic are eventually confronted with the same realization.

Those of us who have had close encounters are past the discussions of “if”, and have moved on to more productive endeavors. There’s no hope in trying to convince me that I didn’t see what I saw. There are so many “skeptics” online who are actually beyond skepticism to the point of simply being cynical. I can only hope they have their own close encounter, and they begin to realize that the world doesn’t fit into the tiny mental box they’ve created for it. I welcome you on this journey of discovery.

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