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Orbs in Yard Caught on Camera - Millen, Georgia

Report: 1797

March 23, 2024

I caught a large glowing ORB on two blink cameras passing over our home at 12:06 AM. This happens frequently in our area as the events occur within a few seconds. It was not the moon being the Orb/sphere was fully round and the moon does not enter that phase until late next week. I have visual evidence that I can upload as well that shows the Orb versus stationary objects (e.g. trees, lights, and my home structure) to show depth, size, and contrast. I have reported other sightings in our area and several neighbors have collaborated with me on their own experiences.

Video 1 - Video 2


Thank you for your report and videos. Have you ever seen these yourself or only with the camera? I'm wondering what color they are to the naked eye. The size seems comparable to my close encounter with three amber colored orbs. I notice there is another orb at a distance. Is that orb on the ground? Very interesting videos.


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