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Maine UFO Reports

Object emitting Yellow/Orange Light Traveling Towards Crystal Lake
January 10, 2024 - Harrison, Maine

Around 0600 While driving to work. I was on the backside of Long Lake. I was driving on 117 in Harrison. As I was coming by the boat launch there was a large object around 500ft or so up in the air. It was emitting a yellow/orange light. It was moving at a very slow rate of speed. It appeared to be going over Crystal Lake. I thought it was a reflection at first but watched it go through clouds during the storm. It was gone as I drove along side Crystal Lake. View Report

UFO Report #: 1624
September 10, 2023 - Waterville, Maine

Driving on I-95 at 12:40 a.m. from Waterville to Augusta near Sydney Maine. Had a single light, not bright, suddenly appear behind us out of nowhere and started following us. The light was in the center of my rear view mirror. As I watched the light, thinking this was a motorcycle, it followed us for about a minute before I watched it move over coming in view of my side mirror. I was going to tell my passengers to check this guy out on the motorcycle and suddenly the light vanished. I freaked out and started asking my passengers if they see anything behind us and nothing. No highway lights work lights, construction nothing around. View Report

Donut UFO
June 30, 2023 - Searsport, Maine

We were driving south on the Bangor road. I looked to the sky East over the bay and saw a perfectly round, with a hollow center, like a donut. For approximately 5 minutes. I took a pic and we went on our way. View Report

UFO Report #: 1402
March 2, 2023 - Fryeburg, Maine

Two bright lights moving towards eachother, disappearing then reappearing. Event lasted a while. The lights were color changing. There appeared to be a third “light” for 2 seconds before disappearing. View Report

UFO Report #: 1372
February 26, 2023 - Limestone, Maine

A bright light from an object emitting its own light, traveling through the sky towards the ground and a flash. Ring doorbell and other cameras caught the event. View Report

UFO Report #: 1138
February 13, 2023 - Saco, Maine

Huge string of lights in the sky over Saco tonight. View Report

UFO Report #: 1132
February 13, 2023 - Hancock, Maine

We were in the car my 10 year old daughter started freaking out I couldn't see anything I suddenly pulled over then slammed the car into park when we saw thousands if not more of white lights moving in unison with Strange green glow emitting from the aura I understand the sounds odd I wouldn't even believe it I don't know if I can believe my own eyes I have never in my life seen something like this. View Report

UFO Report #: 1135
February 13, 2023 - Saco, Maine

Huge string of lights in the sky over Saco tonight. View Report

UFO Report #: 913
January 24, 2023 - Appleton, Maine

Colorful bright light hovering and quickly moving 245° south west at 1:25am-1:45am seen from appleton maine, looked like a super bright flashlight was looking around and fled really quickly, I thought it was a bright star or comet and was following it from my window for a solid 20 minutes and it kept moving. Almost gone now I can still see a colorful light but it’s fading really quickly. View Report

UFO Report #: 794
January 15, 2023 - Gray, Maine

There is something giant in our backyard on Mayberry road and gray. I can see its lights through the trees. Different colored lights. It’s windy and blustery and the snow is going but it almost feels like a chopper. Whatever it is it’s too big to be a chopper and why would an aircraft that large be there through the woods. Ominous. I noticed it when I went to smoke a cigarette at approximately 6. One of our cats (the smarter one) noticed it too and meowed a little. I bored of the craft after my friends had apathetic responses - the noise or the wind seemed to pick up (only seemed windy in the backyard) I checked and it seemed to still be there. I took a video and sent it to the friend when I was smoking a cigarette. At approximately 6:22 I saw a red vanishing dot where the bright lights had been and though the wind and snow in the backyard remains - it seems the craft is gone. View Report

UFO Report #: 233
November 20, 2022 - Augusta/randolph, Maine

I was driving from Augusta towards Randolph on route 9 at approx. 7:10pm and I saw three bright white lights in the sky, just above the tree line, approaching towards me from the river. It seemed to be, maybe 20-30 feet above the tree line. It was flying slow enough that I was able to keep it in my view for several seconds looking up and back towards the road. The three white lights were big and in a fixed state, with no flashing lights. The lights were almost in a completely straight line, however the middle light seemed to be slightly moved out of sync with the others to give almost an obtuse triangular appearance. View Report

UFO Report #: 235
November 20, 2022 - Vassalboro, Maine

blue lights in the sky three of them. blue lightning in the middle of them. they stayed in one place for 15 minutes, then slowey took off in different directions View Report

UFO Report #: 108
November 4, 2022 - Freeport, Maine

Spaceships that move when i look up, I left my report with the fb and on Facebook at Kesnel Maxime and instagram at kesneljr. I have videos too. View Report

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