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Latest UFO Sightings

UFO Report #: 1914
June 25, 2019 - Fort lauderdale, Florida

Walking by Sea Spray Inn in Fort Lauderdale with a friend when we see a big yellow light in the sky emitting a red gas coming out of it. It was thin like gas coming out of the bright yellow light. The yellow light then had another yellow light come from behind and went fast towards the right (going east). Both lights then disappeared. Me and my friend then proceeded to walk more east towards the beach when then we saw another 2 yellow lights this time closer to ground, then both disappeared again. Both times the lights seemed sort of close but far somewhere out there in the stratosphere. I tried filming it, but the video did not come out clear on my camera I think it was because I had a messed up phone case and my friend filmed it on Snapchat and sent it to some friends and could not retrieve it after the event occured unfortunately View Report

UFO Report #: 1912
June 7, 2024 - Detroit, Michigan

There was a cigar shape object in the sky around 1am. View Report

Cigar Shaped Object
UFO Report: 1910

July 15, 2015 - Amarillo, Texas

Driving south tradewinds in Amarillo, Texas to work at Dow Corning about1 1/2 miles south of I-40. About 6:30 am. Trying to eat while driving. This object, gun metal gray is in the sky, southwest direction, appeared to be approximately 2 miles away. Moving slowly right to left. No letters, no lights. Long shaped. Between holding thumb and index finger about 1 1/2 inch apart. Not a small object. Shaped like a cigar, not fat. I just saw a object on documentary that was closest to what I saw. I'm yelling at wife to get phone camera on. I couldn't pull over, crowed traffic. By time she got it on the trees started blocking view. I was pissed. Got to see the object a good 10-15 seconds. Clear as day. Weather was sunny clear. Never expected this. 1st time ever. It was there. No sound or propulsion exhaust. View Report

Black Triangle UFO
UFO Report: 1907

June 7, 2024 - San diego, California

I live near Palomar Mountain which is in San Diego County. I went outside to feed the Dog around 10:00 PM and I noticed a very large Black Triangle UFO with strange white lights on the sides. It did have a few red lights as well. The lights would blink but not like a plane. The Triangle was really large about the size of two football fields at the elevation of a plane would fly at. It glided across the sky really slow towards the direction to San Diego. It did make a noise kind of like a jet but at very low level and the sound was away from the UFO. I ran into the House to get my phone but I was only able to get a couple of pictures of the lights of the back of the UFO. I thought I could not have been the only one to witness this UFO because it was too large and it was also headed to a populated area. There was also a small airplane in the sky traveling at the same time but flying in a different direction. They must have witnessed this UFO. I stayed up to watch the local news because I thought it would have been on there but there wasn’t anything reported. View Report

Large Triangular Craft
UFO Report: 1904

June 8, 2024 - Chicago, Illinois

My friends and I were having a firepit with music on the farm Saturday evening. We saw fireworks going off in the far off distance of a nearby town. While watching them I saw a large triangular object floating with three red glowing lights in each corner. The object was facing towards us with the lights facing us but no light was shining forth. I saw it for just a few seconds in awe and shock and I turned to my friends and asked if they see this and they didn’t know what I was talking about, they were all focused on the fireworks. When I looked by it was gone. Out of my 4 friends I was the only one that saw it. I tried to justify that maybe it was a very large drone, could sparks of the fireworks make me imagine it? But I remember seeing an actual metal type craft just floating near us behind the trees and then it disappeared. View Report

Orb only visible with night vision
UFO Report: 1903

October 15, 2010 - Sidney, Ohio

I was hunting for coyotes at night. I was standing in the edge of a woods while a corn field was being shelled when I noticed a dim light coming through the tree tops at about 20 feet above the ground. I was using a pair of gen 3 pvs 7 when I saw it. It was around the size of a volley ball or a basket ball. I lowered the pvs 7's and I could not see it. I watched it as it came through the tree tops and stopped just outside the woods as 1 of the combines was coming. It sit there as the combine was turning around it changed position 2 times like it was looking at it from different angles. After the combine started the other way it took off to the South West. It was hard to judge the speed but I would guess 60 to 70 mph was as fast as it went and you could not see it without night vision and it stayed at the same elevation until it was out of sight. If there was a pilot in it he would have had to be very small. I think it had to be some kind of probe. If it knew I was there it showed no sign of it. I have never heard of a UFO that could only be seen through night vision. View Report

UFO Report #: 1902
June 9, 2024 - Shoreline, Washington

On August 22, 2022 a Mothership and Her Fleet arrived over the Puget Sound Area and my neighborhood in Washington State. I am slightly intuitive and I was Contacted by these Alien's through "feelings." These Alien's asked if I would Help share their Message, " They Are Here and They Are NOT LEAVING." I am in Contact with these Alien's 24 hours a day, EVERYDAY, since their Arrival. They, also, communicate with me through Altered photo's on my android camera. We just had the arrival of Mothership #4 and Her Fleet. Our last fleet was here from August 12, 2023 until June 6, 2024. When the first Mothership arrived they installed what is called The Veil of Protection. This Veil does exactly as it's called but it Blocks us from seeing all star's and planet's. The only thing's visible in our sky is the Moon and Alien Craft. I have BEGGED for someone to come and Acknowledge this "HAPPENING" and tried to report this to MUFON, SETI, NASA, NATO, FAA, POLICE, EVERY NEWS STATION, FORMER PRESIDENT'S, ASTRONAUTS, ON AND ON!!!. So here I sit in Shoreline, WA with a Fleet of Hostile Alien's and NOT ONE PERSON TO BELIEVE ME. I've been on Facebook all this time trying to show and tell people and I can't get one stinking place to take my report. Please contact me, if you like. View Report

Fast Moving UFO
UFO Report: 1901

June 7, 2024 - Pine, Arizona

I was taping a vulture in Pine AZ at 8:24 am . Behind it, some kind of trail was wizzing at an unbelievably fast rate, in the background. The clip is 4 secs. I slowed it way down, and can’t tell what was going. At times, it looked to be going back and forth. In a still, it looks like a cylinder, kind of cartridge like object, is in the stream. Clips available on request. View Report

UFO Report #: 1900
January 1, 1970 - Detroit, Michigan

SITTING ON EXPREEWAY I/96 CIGAR SHAPE 1ish am...... View Report

Two White Orbs
UFO Report: 1898

June 3, 2024 - Cromwell, Minnesota

I was up late and my cat was hungry. I'm at my kitchen sink washing her bowl and I glanced out my kitchen window and noticed strange lights above the tree top levels. They were 2 white orbs. I grabbed my phone and recorded it. It was 3:30 a.m. It was in the western sky. As I looked back at the video I noticed some strange things happening with the orbs. The larger orb looked like it was looking for something in the sky. Then out of nowhere a small white light appears and speeds off at a break-neck speed.

White Orb Video

View Report

UFO Report #: 1896
June 3, 2024 - Huber heights, Ohio

An aircraft flew over my house, it was emitting green, red and white lights in the shape of a Christmas tree on different areas of the aircraft. I watched it as it flew SE and then gained height then just stayed there. It's been over an hour and it is just hovering there. View Report

UFO Report #: 1895
June 2, 2024 - Garden valley, California

I went outside to close my chicken coop at about 1030pm, I happened to look up just in time to catch the tail end of what at first appeared to be a typical shooting star. However, as I watched the flash of light dissipate, I could clearly see an object remained in the trajectory of the light, but it was now moving much much slower and the angle it was now moving across the sky had changed dramatically. Then it slowly vanished as it kept moving forward and every single hair on my body stood up. View Report

Large White Light
UFO Report: 1894

May 31, 2024 - Tarryall/lake george, Colorado

A group of 5 people camping at a dispersed campground off of Tarryall Rd. Access to China Wall Trailhead, just north east of Badger Mountain. A clear night 10:30pm, clear view of the tower complex on top of Badger Mountain when one of us spotted a large white light emitting from a central point in the sky above the tower complex fade into view. It appeared to shift directions while the light emissions changed differently than an object with a tail of light (like a commit or shooting star) in an amorphous glow of light. The light was visible for a period of 5 seconds, and then quickly faded out into darkness, was gone for 5 seconds, and then reappeared in a different spot in the sky (15-20° up and to the left from where it was initially sighted) it appeared to be closer this time, slightly larger, and moving without an assumed trajectory with the light emmitions shifting around in no correlation to direction of travel. The second phenomenon lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds, all of us witnessed the event. 2 of us struggled to attempt to video it, as it was truly the most mysterious thing we had ever witnessed. We have done a bit of research since returning after the weekend. Notable findings ufo report #1309 & #1224 stating similar sightings, as well as one of the OHV trails in the area called White Object Rd. (CO TREX trail index # 214.C), where at the high point of the trail, the tower complex on top of Badger Mountain is visible, roughly 20° shift of prospective to the west. View Report

UFO Report #: 1892
April 2, 2023 - Louisville, Kentucky

Was in Louisville KY off of I 265 spring Hurst Blvd right next to get side other highway and the the noise barrier wall on my way home from Walmart the crafts where the about the size of a coffee table and about 6 feet off the ground hovering with flashing blinking and spinning lights. View Report

UFO Report #: 1890
May 31, 2024 - Tuba city, Arizona

I was dropping off my dad’s food at his work and around 10pm, my dad and I saw an orb in the sky. It was going slow at first but then started to speed up. I started recording and when I zoomed in, it looked like the shape of a pill and towards the end of the video it was spinning then disappeared. View Report

Orange Lights Around Craft
UFO Report: 1889

May 22, 2024 - Summerdale, Alabama

I was with my partner and we were leaving their parents house at around 9 pm at night. We were going down the long driveway. We suddenly noticed these lights in the sky. They looked like lights going around a circular object. They had an orange yellowish hue to them. There was 2 of them. One disappeared into the sky first and then the other went with it. The way it disappeared into the sky is what really creeped me out, they fluidly moved backwards into nothing. My partner even described it as they were chess pieces moving. It’s like as soon as I said take out your phone get a video, they left…. It has stuck with me since. View Report

Triangular UFO
UFO Report: 1888

May 31, 2024 - Somerset, Massachusetts

I was driving down county st Somerset ma and normally I always look up to the sky due to recent increase in meteor sighting seen three in past 5 months but this was different this time I looked into the night sky and three dots in a triangular formation were sitting there bright and u could see stars as clear as day even looked around seen some planes but when I noticed these three dots they got a bit brighter and zoomed off in under a second like no plane or helicopter would of been able to have the lighting pattern or speed just the lights were so vivid and not like any airplane I've ever seen. View Report

Black Triangle UFO
UFO Report: 1887

October 22, 2022 - Ocala, Florida

From my back yard in Ocala Florida, I witnessed a Black Triangle with 3 light visible from the bottom of the Triangle at the 3 corners, flew from North to South SILENTLY, Then made a incredible swooping right turn due West, toward Crystal River Florida. View Report

Orange Pulsating Orb
UFO Report: 1886

May 30, 2024 - Flushing, Michigan

Orange pulsating Orb that appeared to phase in and out. In the end the orb appeared to fly straiht up and vanished. View Report

Group of Orbs
UFO Report: 1885

May 30, 2024 - West jordan, Utah

As I was at the West Jordan Costco pumping gas, I looked up at the sky. It was around 11 am. I noticed what I though was a group of white birds, assuming they were seagulls until I noticed just how high in the sky they were...with a plane flying under them. As I was watching, I saw them act out of character for birds. They were white circles the more I observed them. They made patters that were linear, then circular, then a v, then linear and a circle again. I looked away for about seven seconds when the gas pumped stopped. When I looked back...the sky was completely clear and void I'd anything for miles. The orbs had completely disappeared. Hours later, I remembered seeing one of the Army black helicopters flying low and slow not too far from there about 30 minutes before seeing the orbs. I remember the helicopter because they normally fly higher and faster, and I thought it strange. I don't know if the two events were related. View Report

Rainbow Lit UFO
UFO Report: 1884

September 30, 2018 - bel air, Maryland

I was getting ready for bed but when I looked out the window I saw a oval with rainbow lights on the circumference of the object a few seconds later It disappeared. View Report

California UFO
UFO Report: 1883

May 22, 2024 - Modesto, California

At 9:06 p.m. just as it was almost dark I noticed a very strange light that appeared to roll through the sky from the northwest horizon towards to southwest horizon. This object was like nothing I had ever seen before and I alerted my brother and we both began to record the object. My brother got 20 seconds of video and myself about 2-1/2 minutes although it is hard to see at times in my video. View Report

Longboard UFO
UFO Report: 1882

May 29, 2024 - Elizabeth city, North Carolina

It looked like a big white long board surf board and it was zipping from cloud to cloud over and near the Elizabeth city coast guard base and they sent planes, helicopters and jets to fly after it and try to catch it? It also caused a 7 car pile up on pear tree road because every one driving was looking up! This was about 3pmish View Report

Dark, Rotating UFO
UFO Report: 1881

November 2, 2012 - Howard beach, New York

In 2012 I had a second job as a Doorman in Roma View a catering place in Howard Beach NY. One day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I took a brake and walk to the ocean canal just 20 feet from the catering door, while I was smoking a cigarette I notice at the end of the canal where is a CVS what I thought it was a party silver balloon that a kid probably lost. I kept smoking and I begin to notice it did not went up, it was just floating probably only 20 feet in the air, but it started moving horizontally through the canal at my direction, I still that moment I thought that still was a balloon, but then it came in front of me 10 feet and it was not a balloon. It was probably 2 meters diameter and completely round, the circumference was dark and all in the interior surface was rotating in a like silver sprinkles, I froze because it was so close but I was not afraid, it lasted 5 seconds it was just only 10 feet from me, tried to grab my phone but in that second it went up the sky at an incredible speed not as any thing or plane that is from this Earth. When it was gone, I started crying because all my Religious believes were gone, I knew I was a lucky one, a chosen or something like that, I told my son who worked there and coworkers and they told me a night before many people saw lights in the sky. This is so true and am willing to take any lie detector test or hypnosis because I swear is true! Something inside me changed after this encounter! It was not big a 2 meter diameter and I believe was some kind of drone because I felt it was looking at me! View Report

Lights over White House
UFO Report: 1880

May 2, 2024 - District of columbia, Washington

The event occurred in 1952 witnessed lights flying at high speed over white house and Washington monument making high speed course changes and in formation. View Report

UFO Report #: 1879
May 28, 2024 - Reading, Pennsylvania

I was stargazing at 10:30 PM watching planes flying east to west and then observing the Big Dipper to my north. It was a clear night. Almost directly above me I saw a bright light that i thought was Venus. But it was moving so i thought it was a jet with its landing light on since it was so bright. But it moved like a satellite south to north and visibly dimmed a second later and then faded away as it moved into the Big Dipper. A few minutes later a much dimmer light more like usual satellites followed the same path and then also faded away in the same area. It did not flash like an iridium flare satellites do just after sunset. View Report

Orb Inside Sphere
UFO Report: 1877

October 27, 2022 - Tempe, Arizona

I was outside in my car in Tempe. I was watching the falcon X launch. In my rear view mirror behind me I caught a glimpse of something in the sky. It hung in the same place for over 20 min. At the time I wasn't sure what to think, No one else seemed to be noticing anything other than the Falcon x.


View Report

Rocket Type Object with Tail
UFO Report: 1876

May 12, 2024 - Kissimmee, Florida

Around 9pm on May 12, 2024, an orange rocket type object shot across the sky over Kissimmee. It had a tail, and after a few seconds, changed shape/color/size to a bright spec and then disappeared. There were no rocket launches scheduled that night to my knowledge. It definitely was not a plane or drone, no sound. View Report

Blue Flaming Light
UFO Report: 1875

March 16, 2023 - Urbana, Ohio

I was leaving work And pulling out of Walmart parking lot in Urbana, Ohio I looked up and saw a blue almost flaming light go across the sky so fast I’ve never said a word about this to anyone. I thought I was going crazy. View Report

White Orb with Light Trail
UFO Report: 1874

May 12, 2024 - Tampa florida , Florida

Around 11:30pm-12:00am me and my partner were on the road, i am about to turn into a parking lot heading north up in the top right of the sky we see a very close and big bright white orb shooting downwards to the ground. it had a white light trail that traveled bery closely to the orb and went away as the orb wizzed out of view, again this orb was shooting so fast in a downwards direction and disappeared out of view within a second. very strange and i have never seen any human transportation or vehicles of flight that looked like this white egg like orb View Report

Bright Green Orb
UFO Report: 1873

May 12, 2024 - Ellenton, Florida

Driving home in Ellenton FL around 11:45 pm, see a very bright green orb, very circular, no tail, speeding very fast from high in eastern sky to low in western sky. It looked very large compared to pictures of orbs I have seen . It took my breath away.very well-defined margins, not blurry.Color almost citrusy green. View Report

Colorful Orb
UFO Report: 1872

April 22, 2024 - Lewiston, Idaho

I seen a bright colorfull orb moving erratically in the sky. I pulled out my s 22 ultra and it showed very colorful orb moving around.


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UFO Report #: 1868
April 13, 2024 - Wesley chapel, Florida

Six lighted aircraft over weslry chapel Florida. View Report

UFO Report #: 1867
January 29, 2023 - Goliad, Texas

Meteor fire balls (3) went over tonight. WOW! Nothing like any meteor that I have ever seen. It was big (3 times the size of the moon) and its motion was visible for about 10 seconds). UTC was about 0000 (6pm local) which means the date was January 30, 2023 (UTC). This was very visible in the twilight. View Report

UFO Report #: 1866
April 13, 2024 - Baker, Nevada

I am camping 10 min south of Baker, NV and I just spotted a huge row of light very long and very many high up in the sky but close enough to see the shine. Had to have been a massive UFO as it was about 20-30 lights in a row moving together in unison. Spotted with 3 other witnesses we all saw the same thing. View Report

UFO Report #: 1864
April 13, 2024 - Summit, Mississippi

Stream of dotted lights in increments traveling for a distance for approximately 1 min and then slowly faded until it disappeared completely. Happened about 8:30 pm from my hone at 2015 Hwy 51N in Summit, MS My husband and I both witnessed this unusual sighting. View Report

UFO Report #: 1860
April 9, 2024 - Cleveland , Ohio

During the eclipse we saw something moving and even video tape some of the event but didn't get good footage just sound and moving around with the camera it was so horrible that we missed it. But it was moving faster than anything we've ever seen higher than anything we've ever seen and quieter no sonic booms and should have been a couple at least. View Report

UFO Report #: 1859
April 12, 2024 - Gilbert, Arizona

I went outside around 8pm to get the luggage out of the car, we're visiting family in Bullhead City, Arizona. I looked skyward and to the west noticed a strange glowing fuzzy light approaching. It was flying slow like a small airplane. It had one bright light on the bottom of it towards what would be the front. There was a fan like light shining out each side from this light. It appeared to be in a dust cloud or fog, but the sky was totally clear. It also had three rectangular soft yellow lights in a row behind the bright light. As it got a mile or two to the east it dimmed to black and was no longer visible. It was completely silent and had no typical aircraft identification lights of any kind View Report

Glowing Circular Object
UFO Report: 1858

April 12, 2024 - Lemoore, California

We were sitting on my back patio. We were talking about the electrical transformer out of the distance where we saw something that seemed to almost to peer out of nowhere like it dropped in very quickly. It was a large circular object. Soft white like glowing. In a way and it seemed to get brighter as it dropped in and maybe lowered down was slowing down. Like it was getting brighter but it was a very soft, white light and all of a sudden. It became a pin point as it disappeared off into the distance. It happened tonight at 8:13 PM in Lemoore, California. I was looking towards Southeast direction. Two of us witnessed at the same time. View Report

Orb Floats into Vehicle
UFO Report: 1857

April 12, 2024 - Castro valley, California

Captured on our front Blink camera. Light/object shot down from right side and hovered near moonroof of car. Then it appears to float into interior of car. At that point there was a click. This all happened in 10 seconds View Report

UFO Report: 1856

March 14, 2024 - Lawrenceville, Georgia

I was driving to work and at 8:38 am EST this box looking thing appears out of nowhere. It appeared and started to descend in the sky and I tried to grab my phone and when I grabbed it I just stood still and did not move. I was able to catch a few seconds on video.


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UFO Report #: 1855
April 12, 2024 - Atlantic beach, Florida

At around 9.30pm we were out walking the dogs in Atlantic Beach, FL when out of nowhere a high speed object appeared with a flaming red flash of light after it. It was moving north. We watched it for about 4-5 seconds when it suddenly disappeared. About 3 seconds later it appeared again, it was not moving this time and had a halo around it that was spinning. For the next minute it slowly moved to the east (out on the ocean) until it disappeared again. It was an amazing experience. View Report

Fast Moving triangular Craft
UFO Report: 1854

September 1, 2013 - East liverpool, Ohio

First, my date is off, it was in the fall of 2013. I was raking leaves. From the West an object flew East. This object(like a triangle) was moving faster than any jet. There was no sound. I estimate it was 3000' above ground. It was like it went slow motion over me. I could not talk about it for weeks, thus my date is off. I believe it effected my recall. It was very weird what I witnessed that day. I would like to add, I served in the US Navy. I worked many hours on the flight deck of a aircraft carrier. I have seen super sonic flights of fighter aircraft. I estimate this object to be going 2500 mph at least. I have looked for years to see if this ever was reported. I have found nothing. It past me, entering into Pa. I am in Ohio. 43920. I would add more to the right person. View Report

Round Metallic Object Rotating
UFO Report: 1853

April 12, 2024 - Spring, Texas

1:24 PM CST in Spring, Texas. I was in my backyard. Weather was perfect. Bright sun, clear blue sky. I was looking up at my red maple trees & realized I could see the crescent moon. I took a picture of it with my phone. A few seconds later I caught a glimpse of something in th sky glinting sunlight. As I focused my eyes on it I saw a small (grain of sand size) round metallic object. It was hovering. The entire object was also rotating in my direction, but not changing position at all. As it rotated the sun was glinting off it’s surface so I realized it was metallic. I did not see any wings, rotors, or exhaust. The object made no sound. As I swiped on my phones screen to go from photo to video mode, my phone, which had been at 50% charge went totally dead. Just a black screen so I was unable to get video or a photo of the UFO. I literally cried over this. View Report

Triangular Black Silent Object
UFO Report: 1852

April 11, 2024 - Woodsboro, Texas

Took the dog outside at approximately 9:30 p.m. Very dark, starry night. Saw a crescent shaped or triangular, black, silent object cruise across the sky - very low, maybe 100 yards high. Perfectly silent with no lights. I live in Woodsboro, Texas - small town of 1300 people. View Report

Tic Tac Object Made Contact with Drone
UFO Report: 1851

April 10, 2024 - Phoenix, Arizona

Was flying my drone when a massive what seemed to resemble a dryer vent duct came slowly down towards the top of my drone and gave it a sort of bunny kiss love tap then abruptly flipped itself and instantly swooshed in a wavey slithering like spiral motion straight back up well above any airliner would be flying and it happened instantly and silently and then it came back down and came to a halt horizontally and seemed to be almost like a leaf in the wind except it was a dryer ventilation duct shaped object swooshing and swaying again Getting increasingly higher and higher. It seemed to come and go at this point changing in colors from almost silver to blue to a mirror like glow and it seemed at this point to look like a ribbon dancing in the sky from one location to another changing it’s course and gaining in altitude.


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Multiple Blue, Red, & Green Lights
UFO Report: 1846

April 6, 2024 - Longview, Washington

Last night I seen them again, lights, always red, blue & green, we see them on Regular bases, after the first few times I had my wife come outside with me, I asked what she seen and she described them the same as me, you see anywhere from 2 up to 7 or 8 at a time they sometimes stay in one spot, we've also seen them move straight up and down, move at an angle at times, sometimes you will see 2 or more move in sync with each other, twice now we've even seen one moving and all of a sudden it splits off into 2 and you can be watching one and look off at a different one, when you turn back 20 or 30 seconds the first one will be completely gone, this is all on clear nights. View Report

UFO During Eclipse
UFO Report: 1844

April 8, 2024 - Ozark, Arkansas

Today I was taking pictures of the solar eclipse 2024 . In Ozark Arkansas I was in totality and snapped a picture of it and actually got a picture of it and to the bottom left there is a UFO or object rather that looks like all the other photos you see of UFOs on any show or documentary that you see. I am hesitant of posting my picture quite yet I want to have some others look at it first. This was at around 2 during totality of eclipse. Very weird. View Report

Boomerang UFO with Central Flashing Light
UFO Report: 1843

April 8, 2024 - Manheim, Pennsylvania

Approximately 11 a.m., riding with my husband on Rt. 283, near Lancaster County, PA. Saw a red, slow-flying object in a shape resembling a boomerang with a flashing light in the center. It was not a plane, helicopter nor blimp. It was large like those though. I took 2 photos of it with my cell phone, zooming in and seeing it as I took them. For the first photo, there were wires in the way, so I took the second photo. Although I saw it with my eyes while I took the photos, it did not appear on the photos. There is a circle in the clouds where the object would have been on the first photo. It totally disappeared from view after I took the photos. View Report

Football Field Sized Object
UFO Report: 1842

April 7, 2024 - Merced, California

It was about 1:45 in the morning and my friend was just getting home in Merced California he lives on the outskirts on a farm he said the sky got dark and so he looked up and he saw a giant flying object about the size of two football fields it was it was flying horizontally and it was going very slow it lasted about 10 minutes he took a picture and when we enlarged it it looks to be like a little city it's got symmetrical lines that are obvious he said he didn't see any lights on it but in the picture it appears to be orange.

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Multiple Craft
UFO Report: 1841

April 7, 2024 - Chowchilla, California

There are a significant number of spacecraft coming from what appears to be in the general direction of the west coast of America (I’m located in chowchilla ca.) and heading toward the north before they pick up speed and travel beyond the distance that my night vision can see. I have watched from about 10:00pm pacific to 10:45 pm and there were no less than 20 crafts coming from many different directions and all of them corrected there coarse and followed the same path till out of site. View Report

V-Shaped Craft
UFO Report: 1840

April 6, 2024 - El cajon, California

About 8:15 pm last night. My wife and I witnessed white V-shaped lights (7 lights) traveling SW to NE through the bottom of the Big Dipper. No blinking lights and the body of the craft was only lit up by the El Cajon city lights below it. The craft lights were offset, 3 on one part and 5 on the other, both numbers including the lead light. The V shape was a lazy V shape. View Report

7 UAP Flying Together
UFO Report: 1838

April 6, 2024 - Lexington, Kentucky

Between 9:40pm and 10pm I saw 7 different UAP 3 flying together past the big dipper from West to East and 4 others flying south to North. Way to fast for plane. And I've been watching skies all my life and know difference. I see them quite often, but never this many in one sitting. View Report

Triangle UFO
UFO Report: 1837

April 6, 2024 - Washburn, North Dakota

I looked into the night sky and I saw a triangle shaped UFO. There was 3 lights on it in each point of the triangle. They aren't colored, just like a gray light is what it looked like. The lights lit up the interior surface and while it was barely visible it almost had a mirror effect. it was moving southwest and a very fast speed and completely silent. And then it just disappeared. I was like wait come back lol and then I saw it moving from west to east, same thing very fast moving and silent. But this time only 3 lights were visible . And it almost looked like it had stopped for a second before it just shot out of eye sight. Almost as if it had gone behind a cloud and it's a completely clear night tonight. The first time I lost sight of it, same thing, it just kind of disappeared and then resurfaced again going the other direction. I've seen a lot of weird stuff in the sky at night, but never anything like this !!! What was it ?! View Report

Blue Orb UFO
UFO Report: 1836

March 20, 2024 - East helena, Montana

On march 20,2024 I was taking photos of the moon and contrails because I have a new phone with a great camera. On March 24th, I was showing off my photos and zooming in on the stars and found an unusual object that had moved through out several photos. I wish I had noticed it at the time I was taking the pictures as I would have taken more and been zoomed in on the object specifically. Starts off as a blue dot. It looks like the classic UFO very clear in one image and kind of shadowed in clouds in another. There were no contrails with this object and no other flashing lights. The photo is very clear.

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Stick Figure UFO
UFO Report: 1834

April 6, 2024 - Kennewick, Washington

I was driving and saw a black object in the sky. It almost looked like a stick figure. It was going sort of fast then stopped suddenly hovered for a few seconds and then shot up into the clouds and disappeared. I also saw a light flash when it turned to shoot up into the clouds. Happened around 732ish hwy 395 Kennewick between Finley exit and coffin road headed north. View Report

Fast Moving White/Orange Lights
UFO Report: 1832

April 5, 2024 - Montgomery, Texas

Went outside with my dog around 12:30am and I always look at the sky to look at the constellations and I was looking West and all of a sudden a white/orange light appeared on the horizon and moving up and an angle at a speed of nothing that I have ever seen. And then it or another one appeared towards the South moving at an angle up towards the West at an unbelievable rate of speed. After that one disappeared I looked to the South to Houston and saw another one the was heading South again at an alarming speed. This was something that was not made by humans from this world as we don’t have that technology yet and may never. Just was wondering if anyone else may have seen these also. I have seen many in my life but this is the first time that I reported one. View Report

Spinning Orange Light
UFO Report: 1831

April 4, 2024 - Ponca city, Oklahoma

My daughter and were outside looking for the devils comet. We live close to the power plant which is surrounded by lights. We saw this weird orange light that kept getting bigger. We watched as it revealed itself with a wonderful display of lights and it was spinning and moving north. It was approximately 1,500 feet up and it was totally silent. It was a massive craft. I don't know what it was but it was bigger than anything we've ever witnessed. View Report

Red Orb Followed By Small White Orb
UFO Report: 1830

April 5, 2024 - Gueydan, Louisiana

This report comes out of vermillion parish, Louisiana. at about 3:15 am, I see up in the sky, an abnormally bright reddish white ball of light that looked as if it were being pursued by a much smaller and dimmer white light. Then all at once with no slowing down, the reddish white ball changed its direction and shot off into the direction which it had came from. This all took place in probably less than 4 seconds. View Report

Fast Moving White Light
UFO Report: 1829

April 5, 2024 - St. peters, Missouri

At about 0230, 5 April 2024, Saint Peters/Harvester MO, I was returning home from a quick run to the gas station for cigarettes when a single bright light appeared in my line of sight in the sky, travelling at a high rate of speed slower than a shooting star but seemingly faster than a plane, moving close to parallel to the horizon before turning downwards (or flying away in same direction, hard to tell exactly) towards the horizon before I lost it behind trees and such. If it wasn't a plane crash I'd have to say maybe a UFO, definitely not what is described as Elon Musk's space station thing as it was a single light. View Report

Two Fast Moving Craft
UFO Report: 1828

April 5, 2024 - Fargo, North Dakota

2:25 am Fargo ND. Walked outside to let dog out. Saw 1 craft from south west lights appear out of no where traveling north west at a speed I have never seen before and then lights disappeared, no sounds. Followed by a second one that did the same thing. Felt like less than a minute and super high speed. View Report

Bronze Building Floating in Sky
UFO Report: 1827

June 16, 1978 - Campton, Kentucky

When I was 13 my sister and I were driving back from Lexington Kentucky on the mountain parkway in S.E.Ky. and when we came over Slade mountain to our home in Campton @ the beginning of the Mt Parkway you could immediately see a giant bronze, Very Large, Very Odd shaped building floating in the sky. It was over 8 stories high. You could see the different stories/floors easily by the window panels that apparently had brighter lights made of one or two areas were brightly lit and that made me conclude that they were floors to this thing. On the top and rectangular on the bottom with two large half sphere scoops out of its bottom and from where it went to the l-shaped top to the rectangular bottom a large portion of the ship was taken out and it looked amazingly like a beautiful piece of architecture it moved very slowly across the sky going only a few miles an hour and it definitely had a force field because when it went over some trees of one Hill the trees broke but the object did not touch them itself. I felt that because I smelled so much ozone in the air something was wrong with its cloaking device or something of that nature. View Report

Circular Rotating Craft Hovered Above Us
UFO Report: 1826

October 16, 1996 - Pensacola, Florida

This was long ago but I wanted to have it at least on some public record. Myself and 2 friends were all outside in front of my house playing under a tree. Sitting and chanting, The Craft had just come out for rent so we had been watching that and got our chanting inspiration from it. As we sat and continued our silly chants a large, circular flying object seemed to come out of nowhere. Hovered above us almost directly above the tree we sat under. It was silver/grey, rotating and had multicolored lights. We all got scared as you can imagine a bunch of 10/11 year old girls would. My 2 friends lived next door and the other 2 houses down, all on the same side of the road as my house. The one next door ran into her home, the other friend and I ran to her house two down, I wanted to make sure she got home safe so I went with her. We went inside her house for approximately 1 - 2 minutes. We went back outside to see if it was still there, by this time it was still flying near/low but slightly higher than the tree line and was making its way down the road maybe 3 blocks or so but still visible. It was still daylight out not quite even dusk so it was and still is odd to me that nobody else reported seeing it. It was maybe around 7-730pm. Seeing it made its way far enough for me to feel safe I ran home back to my house. That was the last I saw or heard of it. My 2 friends and I still can recall it with great clarity to this day. This occurred in Pensacola, FL in the neighborhood of Crescent Lake. View Report

Disc Lifted Water From Lake
UFO Report: 1825

May 27, 1987 - Tell city, Indiana

A spacecraft stopped over a lake in Ferdinand Indiana and lifted water from the lake into the spaceship, It was huge disc. It sounded like like a giant hair dryer humming noise. After some time there were all kinds of heavy lift helicopters and fast movers all over the sky. The craft left fast or disappeared in the sky and that was when the military aircraft showed up. May 27 1987, this did happen !! View Report

Amber Orb Moving Rabidly and Changing Colors
UFO Report: 1824

April 3, 2024 - Boynton beach, Florida

About 9pm in Boynton beach Florida, I saw a bright amber light in the west sky. It stayed hovering for about 30 seconds before it moved quickly to the east and stopped, then dropped. It then changed colors moving slowly to the south and disappeared. My wife said she thought it was a drone but, it was very high in the sky. View Report

Reflective Disc Hovered Motionless in the Sky
UFO Report: 1823

April 4, 2024 - Bullard, Texas

I was taking my daughter to school around 7:15 and I looked North East and saw what I assumed was a star but that wasn’t logical because the sun was up. I watched the object while we were driving to Bullard, Texas. As I got closer to Bullard I realized it wasn’t a star but a craft sitting completely still and reflecting the sun. It was flat and very reflective and motionless. It had no condensation trails or anything that resembled a jet or plane. It definitely wasn’t a helicopter. It was the wrong shape to be a weather balloon. I’m still baffled by what I saw and I’m curious as to what it was. The object wasn’t actually in Bullard. It was much farther North East Texas. View Report

4 Copper Colored Orbs
UFO Report: 1822

April 2, 2024 - Richmond, Texas

@ about 920pm, Richmond, TX, in the back yard with my dogs and looked up and saw 4 copper colored orbs streak from around Orion, over the back of the garage, loop about 3/4 of a circle over the house and disappear after flying over a few neighbor's houses. When they first appeared they were in a triangle pattern with an extra long side and resembled kinda copper light sticks then they quickly became 4 separate orbs flying in sync connected by light of a lighter copper shade first in a diamond shape then they kept changing formation and the orbs also pulsated in brightness as they changed the shape of the formation they were flying in, it or they were always in sync and the brightness of the color was changing but not the color itself. They even disappeared in sync but not all at the same exact time, if that makes any sense. I didn't get any video or photos because I was standing there with my mouth all agape going holy crap that a ufo! To even think to use the phone I had in my hand! View Report

Squadron of Lights in the Sky
UFO Report: 1821

November 1, 2023 - White river city, Colorado

I was on my yearly hunting trip to Colorado, camped by Rio Blanco lake on hwy 64 near Piceance creek road. I had just started to go pee while I was facing southwest and over the mountain came what I can best describe as a squadron of light's. My friend seen it as well we both said what the heck is that. My phone was in my tent I wish I could have gotten a picture, I can say that there were at least 100 evenly spaced lights five wide by 70 or so long, I was talking to my friend and he said maybe it was starlink satellites, and about that time they just blinked out like turning off a light switch. So I finished peeing and went to get my phone and looked up starlink and they orbit in a single file row these were not like that. Its been on my mind ever since. Went on mufon looking to see if any pictures may be on their site none that I could find. I would really like to know what they were? View Report

Large Craft
UFO Report: 1819

March 24, 2024 - Newburgh, New York

Large craft sighted flying over Newburg, New York March 24, 2024 from Albany towards New York over city of Newburgh. View Report

Orb Flew out of Huge Pain of Shattered Glass in the Sky
UFO Report: 1818

August 19, 2023 - Oroville, California

It was around 2:00 thirty in the afternoon. No clouds clear blue sky. Something caught my eye, the best I can describe it was a huge pain of glass shattering. Then a white orb came out and floated across the horizon. It made no nose, it was very strange almost like my mind could not comprehend what my eyes were seeing. This happened in Oroville, CA. View Report

Bizarre Lights in the Sky
UFO Report: 1817

March 31, 2024 - Wasilla, Alaska

I have observed bizarre lights in the sky, over Wasilla, Alaska, for approximately four weeks. The lights may appear to be unusually bright stars if one briefly glances at the night sky. However, the lights are not singular,they all have the same luminosity/color/configuration. Furthermore, they maneuver in rapid circles, S-curves, zig-zag patterns, and hover. Extraordinarily, when they perform a zig-zag maneuver they appear to blur, and move in every direction (it is disorienting to watch) before traveling on a particular path (almost like superposition). I served as an EW in an aircraft carrier battlegroup, so I have seen a lot of air platforms at night. Nothing I have ever seen looked like this. Additionally, I am educated, and familiar with astronomical objects, as well as average space platforms (satellites, the ISS, etc). Another person witnessed these, also. Last night, I counted eight of them, surrounding the area I live in, all performing impossible maneuvers. View Report

Silent White Orb
UFO Report: 1816

March 25, 2024 - Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas, we were watching the bats emerge from under the Congress Avenue bridge. A white silent orb in the sky emerged from the west and traveled very slowly over us, low in the atmosphere before blowing out a smoke ring in front of its intended path and then dissipated. I first observed it just emerge into existence at 8:15 and then My Husband and I each captured video. Several people under the bridge near us observed it as well with their naked eye.

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Light Beamed Down to Earth
UFO Report: 1815

August 26, 2022 - Erwin, North Carolina

Sitting in back of my shop looking at surveillance and I saw a bright light beaming down from the sky and I took pictures of it from my phone. Want to add it was a cloudy cool summer day. No storms, nor was it a sunny day. Light lasted in same spot about 10mins..so bright and straight, just beaming down. I have never witnessed anything as such as this. View Report

Donut UFO
UFO Report: 1814

June 30, 2023 - Searsport, Maine

We were driving south on the Bangor road. I looked to the sky East over the bay and saw a perfectly round, with a hollow center, like a donut. For approximately 5 minutes. I took a pic and we went on our way. View Report

Silver Craft with Tall Fin and Clamshell UFO
UFO Report: 1813

June 13, 1972 - San francisco, California

In 1972 I lived at Franklin & Broadway st in San Francisco, California, USA. There had been a couple of old Victorian homes removed from the corner so I could see clearly across Franklin st, Westward. I was walking my dog and entered a church basketball court, there was a flat roofed 2 story building on the West side. I was standing about 5 ft from a basketball hoop, and looking up I saw something moving at the edge of the roof. Suddenly a silver colored craft with a very tall fin emerged about 20-25 ft, almost over my head. Then a second craft dropped beside it, apparently it was at the side of the first and it rocked side to side slightly. Shaped like a clam shell with a protruding rim, silent with a sort of orange, electric aura shimmering around the craft . I literally could have hit them with a rock if I had thought of it but I was rooted in place. I realized this was real and I was both elated and frightened not knowing what all of this meant to me and my very close proximity to both craft. They hovered for about 10 seconds then took off, climbing the side of a ten story building across Franklin St, snapping 90 degrees at the edge of the roof, flying across it and in a few seconds appeared a 2 stacked orange orbs. There had been many varied UAP sightings in SF during this time and I sighted several different types, including one that was transparent green and about 30-50 ft in diameter but this was an actual 4th level encounter and the only one I can certify to have been accurate & real. View Report

Vortex and Satellite Object
UFO Report: 1812

June 30, 2021 - Nashville, Tennessee

Saw a Vortex disconnected from neighboring clouds on a full moon. Satellite like object flew north towards Nashville, TN, before curving due eastward. View Report

Fireball Entered Atmosphere and Stopped
UFO Report: 1811

January 28, 2024 - Orlando, Florida

We were at Disney awaiting a firework display. When in the distance we saw what looked like a fireball enter the atmosphere. It had a tail of fire and everything. It stopped suddenly and just sat there. Then, all of a sudden just disappeared. We thought maybe it was part of the show. But it was too far away and the show didn’t end up starting for another 19 minutes. View Report

Silent Light Increasing in Brightness
UFO Report: 1810

March 29, 2024 - Terra haute, Indiana

It was a very bright light, silent and quiet. As it was going across the sky it got brighter then it seemed To turn off out of nowhere. View Report

Cluster of Bright Orbs
UFO Report: 1809

March 25, 2024 - Newmarket, New Hampshire

At 0630 in Newmarket, NH while driving west on Grant Rd at 43.06107003675696, -70.98820790958024, there was a tight, all touching each other cluster of bright orbs of different independent colors (white, red, blue and yellow) forming a large combined cluster into a slightly oblong round object (picture a bunch of balloons on strings held by one person). I should have stopped my car in the middle of the road to take a picture, but didn't thinking if I sped up I would get closer. This cluster was WNW of me approximately a half mile away. If I have the distance correct, it was a few hundred yards wide, and each orb was approximately 50 to 80 feet in diameter. I caught another glimpse of it thru the trees directly in front of me when I was at 43.06380931537444, -71.00103642890642. At this point the object was still a half mile in front of me (due West) and very low on the horizon. I sped up even faster (approximately 70 mph) but never saw it again. View Report

Silver Disc Above Moon
UFO Report: 1808

September 12, 2023 - Salt lake city, Utah

It was somewhere between the the 12th and the 16th, I was just getting off work I looked up in the sky and noticed the moon was really low and a weird egg shape so I took a picture of it with my phone when I got home I was looking at it when I noticed a silver like shape in the upper left corner of the picture I would say about 11:00 a clock there is a image just above the moon I have no clue what that is but if you zoom in at about 11:00 a clock you can see a silver disc shape,can take a look and please email me back with your findings thank you. View Report

Vertical Cigar Shaped UFO
UFO Report: 1805

March 27, 2024 - Fitchburg, Massachusetts

While driving northbound on highway 495 around Fitchburg Ma noticed bright light in the sky about 9:15pm. Took a photo of the object. After viewing this photo including enlarging it appeared to resemble a cigar in a vertical position View Report

Multiple UFO Experiences
UFO Report: 1804

March 12, 2024 - Liberty, South Carolina

I have over 5 experiences on video/ picture proof. And to say i have watched meteor showers all my life. And i have never seen lights and electric ball objects. I have been eye witnessing these events off and on since November 2023 and ongoing till now. I have wanted to get in contact with someone so that i could have feedback because i haven’t shared with anyone! I’ve kept it a secret lol ! I also have never seen green lighting until the beginning of this year & 2 big green comet/shooting star. (I’m not sure) but i experienced both driving. 1 in December and 1 in January. (Not recorded) I’m not sure but I’ve been self researching every day, and i a have a clear view of the whole sky, and their a star , and i want to know what it is. Because i have spiritually awoken ever since all this come about. I want to know if all these are connected. I need answers please ? View Report

Dark, Unmoving Cloud
UFO Report: 1802

March 27, 2024 - Payson, Arizona

We were sitting in our truck watching the sunset looking west over our local Payson, AZ airport and noticed a very dark possible odd cloud that never moved. I have several pictures over a 6 minute time frame that show it’s shape never changes either. No other clouds near it.

Link to image

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White Light Moving Erratically
UFO Report: 1801

March 10, 2024 - Stockton, California

At 6:00AM, I decided to go outside to record the dark skies to see if I capture a UAP! One section of the dark sky normal star formation, then did 180 turn and recorded a bright white light left of a star that seemed to be moving in a southern direction! Then the UAP moved in a downward motion then faded away.

Link to video

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Multiple Orb Sightings
UFO Report: 1800

March 26, 2024 - Bellport, New York

Multiple orb sighting. I was inside the house my cousins seen orbs all over the sky in Bellport NY. I went outside and I also see two other orbs floating in synchronization they flew towards each other, then slightly missed paths. View Report

Large White Orb
UFO Report: 1799

March 24, 2024 - Orion, Michigan

Got this on my camera last night! Look at the time it took almost an hour for it to pass by in that little corner!!!


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Orbs in Yard Caught on Camera
UFO Report: 1797

March 23, 2024 - Millen, Georgia

I caught a large glowing ORB on two blink cameras passing over our home at 12:06 AM. This happens frequently in our area as the events occur within a few seconds. It was not the moon being the Orb/sphere was fully round and the moon does not enter that phase until late next week. I have visual evidence that I can upload as well that shows the Orb versus stationary objects (e.g. trees, lights, and my home structure) to show depth, size, and contrast. I have reported other sightings in our area and several neighbors have collaborated with me on their own experiences.

Video 1 - Video 2

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Two Bright Orbs
UFO Report: 1796

December 11, 2023 - Troy, Missouri

About 2200hr I stepped out side stood in front of my garage. I was looking at two bright orbs about 3/4 of a mile away. I watched them for ten or fifteen minutes and went back inside. When I was a small kid growing up watching black and white TV the news would be talking about reports of people seeing saucer ships. The US ARMY AIR Defense is now recommending appointment of a Ambassador to Earths Neighbors. They want the people to stay calm. WE AS A PEOPLE MUST MOVE FORWARD AND TAKE THAT FIRST STEP. View Report

Two White Orbs with Extraterrestrials
UFO Report: 1794

August 17, 2023 - Mayodan, North Carolina

Two white orb’s floating above my home. I took 3 live photographs with 3 second video with each photo. The photographs clearly shows extraterrestrials floating around the orb’s. I photographed this encounter 12 days after the last encounter, which I reported to you concerning the August 5, 2023 encounter. My name is James Stilwell and this is my 39th encounter in the last 3 years. Each encounter was photographed with extraterrestrials in the majority of the photographs. I also have reported to the Rockingham county, NC authorities all encounters and have shown the photographs to them. They told me that they had no jurisdiction over this and then suggested that I could sign a NDA. What a shame, that their vehicles have printed on them, to serve and protect, and in God we trust. Please also read the article with the Grey area news titled ufo observer reports sightings with photographs to Rockingham county authorities. Please include this report as another encounter that I’m requesting an investigation by someone who has the experience somewhat comparable to myself if that’s possible. In a world with such dishonest people, I now understand that my intellectual property will never have value, but I say unequivocally that in an honest world that it should be worth billions. I have approximately photographed 500 Extraterrestrials with dozens of their crafts, I feel blessed and cursed at the same time. Thanks for your interest in peoples reports. Please prey for the dishonest people in our government, our lives and safety are at stake and our government lies with every breath to conceal their knowledge of the truth about these entities and their technology. I’m a former US Navy veteran, NAS Fallon Nevada. Area 51 is a beautiful place. View Report

Multiple Orbs Flying Around Each Other at the Twin Arrows Casino
UFO Report: 1792

March 17, 2024 - Twin arrows/flagstaff, Arizona

At about 3:40am I was parked at the twin arrows casino in Arizona facing east when I noticed about 8 to 10 lights. It looked like stars or planes at first with their formation but then some would get really bright then fade to black but zigzag and fly around each other in a circle. I got a picture from my iphone 15 pro max of their formation with 5 in a square and 1 top left dim light and 1 bottom dim. They were over New Mexico area I am guessing near Shiprock and standing rock. As a truck driver I see sometimes often. I don't know how I can upload the picture to here though. After they did this formation several times they disappeared towards Fort Wingate New Mexico.

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Silver Cylindrical Ships with No Wings
UFO Report: 1787

March 21, 2024 - Thorndale, Pennsylvania

I have witnessed ships day and night for 3 years. Daytime silver cylindrical ships no wings. When they turn there are red lights. I get their attention and they backup and hover for many seconds. I see 15-20 per day. Clearly not airplanes. At night many hover above my sky. Bright white lights with arms. Two main ones hover above me and follow me as I walk my dog. I never fear them. I was in the Hospital Oct and Dec and one was outside my window both times. I meet with them outside my home above every clear night. I have photos. In addition, twice last year, once walking a path a large bright ORB appeared in front of me lasting only several seconds and then outside my back porch again lasting only seconds. But, last night outside my back porch up higher in sky I witnessed that large white ORB and it hovered back and forth above me but didn't get real close to see anything but light. I watched it for 30 min. View Report

Fast Moving Dark Ball
UFO Report: 1786

March 6, 2024 - Stockton, California

I was outside in the back yard recording the cloudy sky, because I had a feeling something would show itself, in the beginning of the video saw a dark ball the moves very fast from upper right then moves rapidly down the upwards to the left which I stopped and the video to take three pictures as it moves across the sky, then moments in the video I saw a bright light orb that moves very fast downwards towards the left of video. View Report

Telepathically Called Outside to Witness White Sphere
UFO Report: 1785

February 25, 2024 - Stockton, California

I was working out in the early morning inside the house, A voice communication in my head said go outside and look at the stars, So I had my phone and started recording as soon as I turned the phone on, immediately had a electrical sensation on my body and my brain was overwhelmed of a powerful force. I stop recording and went back into the house and sat down to get my faculties back!! Then watched the video, the very start of the video I saw a bright white sphere on the bottom left of video from one point then shoots down quickly and I can hear the sound as if it went out of our reality. Showed my friends at the office! They were intrigued. View Report

Dark Mass Flying Overhead
UFO Report: 1784

March 22, 2024 - Colorado springs, Colorado

My husband was starting up his car and I looked up at the stars while waiting for him in our front yard. There was a dark mass, what we thought to be a satellite, flying over. I pointed up and asked if he saw it. He looked up and as he was saying, "oh yeah it's a just a satellite", the object zigzagged back and forth, sped up, and disappeared going north east over the horizon! View Report

Multiple Orbs
UFO Report: 1783

December 31, 2012 - Detroit, Michigan

Actually it was 2012 turning into 2013. I saw three bright lights that looked like stars in the night. This is their White Energy Phase, which seems to indicate that they are benign. I started waving at them but they ignored me. Two more came up behind them and this time when I started waving they paused and came towards each other as if communicating. A jet flew over us and they both dimmed into black blobs of squirming darkness. As I watched they separated and came towards me. One of them flew directly over me and it was a black cloud of static coming to rest over a house. This tv static just seemed to solidify as I watched. It took the shape of a flying saucer, completely black and enveloped in black tv static. Electrons would look like this if we could see them. As it slowly floated away the other one came out of nowhere. It was one of those red orange Orbs so often seen. It was bouncing in the air like a basketball. It looked just like a hydrogen atom, from the photos taken. It slipped behind the trees and the last I saw of them all five were bright lights again heading towards the fireworks in Detroit. That only indicates that when they feel threatened they will change shape, color and possibly solidify. A few days later they were seen in California. View Report

Silent red sphere 5-10ft in Diameter
UFO Report: 1782

August 10, 2007 - Marcy, New York

Summary: While talking to my sister about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the book, which had recently been released), I saw a maroon colored sphere hovering in the air which moved away after I saw it. Date: exact date unknown, but approximately between July 25 and August 25, 2007. Location: Oneida County, NY - Town of Marcy Time of day: Afternoon Weather: Overcast. Relative calm. Temperature estimated between 70 and 80 F Shape of object: Sphere, estimated at 5-10 feet in diameter. Color of object: Maroon/Dark Red, uniform in color, no lights or glow were observed Sound of object: No notable sounds. Apparently silent from my viewing distance (approximately 150 feet away). This sighting occurred some time in very late July or some time in August 2007. My sister was sitting on the porch of our house in Marcy, NY. She was facing south. We were talking about the 7th Harry Potter book. As I was talking, I stepped down off the porch and turned around back toward the house. As I turned to face north, I saw a dark red sphere up in the air approximately 150 feet away from me, behind the northeastern corner of the house. As soon as I saw it, I stopped talking mid-sentence. It was approximately 40 feet off the ground, just above the treetops, and was initially stationary. A second or so after I noticed it, the sphere moved silently to the east at approximately 15-20 mph. The object moved slowly and deliberately, holding its altitude and maintaining its vector as if with precision, and apparently moving of its own accord. It did not appear to be blown around randomly, as if by the wind. After several seconds the object became obscured behind the trees and then completely out of sight. After a moment of silence, I said to my sister "I just saw a UFO." I was never scared, but it was strange to see such an object in the air. I wish I had gotten in the car and tried to follow it, but I think I was in disbelief and didn't know how to react. Never saw anything like it again. View Report

Multiple White Orbs Traveling in Formation
UFO Report: 1779

March 10, 2024 - Laguardo, Tennessee

I was headed north on Route 109. I had passed Laguardo, TN and was headed to Gallatin, TN. At 11:40 I noticed what I initially thought was a flock of birds high in the sky. As I attempted to identify what type of bird they were, they seemed to have disappeared. I looked again and there they were. It got me curious enough to pull over to take a better look. They appeared to be stationary just a bit left of the highway and high in the sky. I couldn't tell exactly what it was but there were quite a few of them. Maybe around 20 altogether. They were either white or silver and where possibly in the shape of orbs. While remaining stationary in the sky, they did sort of move positions in the large cluster. Because of this, I really didn't think they could be drones. The close proximity to each other and the way they crossed paths, would have surely caused drone equipment to collide. There wasn't a cloud in the sky yet they would all simultaneously disappear and then reappear. This happened several times. There was no sound. I took several pictures but only a couple showed the objects. Unfortunately the pictures really don't answer any of my questions either. Maybe someone else knows what it is. I had to be to Gallatin to meet someone at noon, so I couldn't stick around longer. But they were still there when I left.

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Round, Clear Object From Phone Camera
UFO Report: 1778

March 17, 2024 - Puerto vallarta, Mexico

On vacation in puerto vallarta mexico, take pictures on hotel mio roof top pool. Seen a round clear object in my phone camera, but could not see it without. Took pictures View Report

Orange Light with Tail
UFO Report: 1771

March 15, 2024 - Davenport, Florida

Around 8 pm we saw an orange light with a tail ascending upward and then it quickly dissappeared. View Report

Ball of Light Shot Across Sky While Changing Shape
UFO Report: 1770

March 2, 2024 - Woodbridge, Virginia

I was driving home in Woodbridge, Va and in my neighborhood when my sister and I both see a bright ball of light shoot across the sky like a shooting star. Except it wasn’t a shooting star bc the ball of light was much closer and bigger and the way it moved and altered its shape wasn’t normal. It was extremely fast and close. View Report

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