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UFO Report from Montz, Louisiana

Report: 1071

February 9, 2023

Was driving to work at around 6 passing over a bridge. To the left about 50 yards was something that was invisible but wasn’t. It had a group of lights on the “cockpit” in a “windshield” shape that almost were like yellow Christmas lights designed a certain way. Then 3 or 4 lines up horizontally on the side closer to the bottom. Then a bunch arranged in a pattern on the rear. I could see the lights clearly but I could see through everything else. At first I thought it was lights on a tree but realized that wasn’t possible due to the location. It was about 20 to 30 feet from the ground (slightly above bridge height). This was while I was driving and saw it past the opposite lane on the bridge. As I passed, I could see the other side of the lights. Hence it being invisible. I could to some degree make out the shape of the craft due to the pattern of the lights and their location on it.


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