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UFO Report from Orem, Utah

Report: 1182

January 10, 2023

Believe it or not I know why they do not want you to point lasers in the sky me and one of my friends point lasers in the sky all the time and above us in Orem Utah approximally 11:30 p.m. My friend pointed his laser into the sky into the orange colored sky that glows orange from the lights from the city and we hit a big green disc with the laser it turned green when the laser shined on it he turned the laser off and shined it on it again and it dead stopped and started coming back towards us he said it did a flip and started coming back towards us I think it just dead stopped and started coming back towards us I got scared and ran in the house he could not see it when you turn the laser back off because it glowed the color of the sky you could barely see it and so he lost vision of it when I ran inside we come back out and we cannot find it again in the sky but now I know there are spaceships that just cover above us with no sound with no lights that are invisible that glow the same color as the sky because of the city lights so beware they are above us at all times.


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