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UFO Report from Benton, Louisiana

Report: 131

November 7, 2022

Watched as what I thought at first were multiple stars in the night sky very high in elevation(in space) move in several different directions. I quickly hurried another whiteness outside to view these lights. They also watched and can clarify/corroborate our sighting. I have researched repeatedly on everything from weather balloons, falcon 9 rockets to satellites and thermal satellites. I have also attempted to reach out to MUFON on multiple with very little reception. These star like objects in the sky are UFO/UAP’s are not a figment of my imagination. I have seen them my entire life including have had multiple close up interactions with UFO’s. On rare occasions with multiple eye whitenesses experiencing the same strange things in the sky. These lights in the sky on occasion swell in intensity from light to size. I have personally seen black disc shaped UFOs and some that even looked like gold and glass objects. These object have always been or seem to be under intelligent control. Satellites do not traverse in alternate directions. They do not stop abruptly and skate through sky with elegance unmatched by man’s current or past creations. I have seen as many as 50 of these UFO’s on multiple occasions from the age of five. I have my own hypothesis and beliefs about what is actually happening with relation to these strangely advanced craft. It would be an honor to share my experiences and encounters with anyone who will genuinely take me and my time seriously. I am an open book and simply want to help catalog these happenings for historical and scientific purposes. Thanks


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