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UFO Report from Jackson, Mississippi

Report: 1391

March 1, 2023

Between 8&10pm looking up at night sky from balcony of motel I see two lights side by side Slowly descending.Disappearing behind a cloud the lights re-emerged & continued to descend.It them became evident to me that the lights were coming straight down above me. There was no sound to the movement of the lights. The lights stopped stationary in the sky above me about 30 to 50 yards above tree line. It was at this time I realized that the two lights were at opposite ends of a craft (phenomenon) which between the lights was Invisible.It stayed stationary & so I went inside after staring at the event before me for about Forty five minutes. I alerted two neighbors outside who also looked up & saw the lights.Upon coming back outside after forty minutes it remained posted in the sky on the back side of motel. Don't know when it left. I slept & this morn it's gone. Don't know when it left.


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