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UFO Report from Lesage, West Virginia

Report: 1503

May 8, 2023

Me and my dad were outside adding sections to our beehives. We do this when it gets dark due to them being super docile as twilight passes. Anyway, we finished and were standing on the back porch when suddenly a light appeared in the eastern night sky. It was a streak that went from bottom to top. I thought at first it may have been a meteor or a shooting star, but all of those I’ve seen have shot across the sky or had a falling motion. This was straight up and angled away from us. The bright light was a streak almost the color of a bright yellow. We stood in silence and in shock for nearly a minute and then it started to gradually fade. I ran in to grab the cell phone camera, but it had vanished rapidly when it started to disappear. There was no sounds and by my estimation it was as high as some passenger aircraft that fly over daily. Regardless of what it was.. I know it wasn’t anything I’ve seen before. Such as aircraft or shooting stars we see often. We live in a small community between Point Pleasant and Huntington, WV. Sitting directly on the Ohio river. Strange things happen from time to time, but this was one that was in our night sky. If you want anymore information please email me :)


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