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Oddly Shaped Craft - Columbia, South Carolina

Report: 1632

March 30, 2023

I was outside sitting on my porch when I noticed what I thought was a plane but it hovered in one area of the sky for the longest time! I got up and went to the middle of the road my house was on. Still thinking that maybe it was just a plane but I took a picture of it and then it started to come more closely but it didn’t move at the speed an aircraft would move, there was no sound and no trail like planes have. As it slowly got closer, I took pictures, not thinking to record it. As it was slowly moving overhead, I took another picture. It had colored lights in the middle of it and was not shaped like a plane! I wrote it off as probably being a military type of plane but after seeing and hearing pictures and stories of UFOs, I believe that it was a UFO. It didn’t match any of the known pictures of the under sides of planes or military crafts!


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