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Highly Maneuverable Bright Light - Byhalia, Mississippi

Report: 1668

October 1, 2023

I believe the time was roughly 8:10pm. In Byhalia Mississippi. I was in my yard, walking to my neighbors house. I looked up because it was a beautiful night to see the stars. I noticed a bright white light that appeared to be lower than commercial airplanes but higher than where the smaller planes fly. I live pretty close to a tiny airport. For those little 2 seater planes and the Memphis airport is about a 30 minutes drive. I'm very familiar with what's considered normal in my sky. This solid white light, that was not blinking and was moving faster than any airplane I had ever seen, was definitely not normal. So I watched to see if it did anything else unusual and thats when it started to make this sharp turn up and away from my location. It speed up and as it did, it seemed to just fade into nothing and disappeared. I wish I could explain it better. I mean, this light was very bright and the night sky was very clear (at least in the area I was looking) . I should have been able to continue seeing the light from where it was. I can not understand how it disappeared other than it started moving faster than I could see The size of the light was roughly the size of a FedEx plane. I looked to see if any airplanes were in the sky at the same time and there was. I can't imagine the pilots didn't see the light as well. I just wish I would have taken note on the direction that the plane was flying. I believe it was heading towards the Memphis airport. So its possible the light I witnessed was behind them but I still think they probably would have noticed it at some point


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