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Triangular Craft with Central White Light - Buhl, Idaho

Report: 1690

October 5, 2023

My dad and I were just on the way back from the store at night and it was around 9:27-9:28 i had seen a red light blinking in the sky and at first i thought nothing of it till we got a little closer and there was 4 lights and 3 were in the shape of a triangle and the 4th one was centered in the triangle under the aircraft. The 3 lights that were in the shape were colored green red and white and with white also being centered in the triangle. I was so speechless I didn’t say anything to my dad till about 9:30 when we had already passed it by then but it was so bright i could still see it from behind and it was slowly moving to the right. When we were approaching the ufo under it, the craft seem to be about 50-70 feet wide it was as big as the house it was hovering over. Silent as can be, didn’t hear a thing when it moved across the sky. It was so pitch black out that i knew it had to be a ufo the way it was moving. It was just hovering over the house when we drove by it then slowly made its way to the left then went right over the house again hovering slowly then continued off the way it hovered back towards the house which would have been off to the right side of the passenger side i was sitting in. I took a video after it slowly went off into the distance even though i didn’t think i would get much of it cause it was pitch black, but i think i got a decent shot.


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