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Metallic UFO Intercepted by Aircraft - Bowling Green, Kentucky

Report: 1767

October 2, 2023

My children & I were on the way home on the interstate. Around 6:45pm or so on I65S before the corvette exit we saw something coming down from the atmosphere/sky. I told the kids it’s probably a satellite the government claims falls from space & I wonder where it will land. It never landed. It stopped and there was a 2nd that did the same as the 1st. It stopped. We were in the car & got to a place that had no trees & a great view we could see them well. They were round, dome top, stopped in the sky, metallic color, smooth. Minutes later we saw a plane or jet flying straight toward them and idk what happened after that. Traffic on the interstate slowed I noticed so we were not the only ones who saw this. And I don’t think this was a weather balloon or China, these were something else.


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