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Silent red sphere 5-10ft in Diameter - Marcy, New York

Report: 1782

August 10, 2007

Summary: While talking to my sister about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the book, which had recently been released), I saw a maroon colored sphere hovering in the air which moved away after I saw it. Date: exact date unknown, but approximately between July 25 and August 25, 2007. Location: Oneida County, NY - Town of Marcy Time of day: Afternoon Weather: Overcast. Relative calm. Temperature estimated between 70 and 80 F Shape of object: Sphere, estimated at 5-10 feet in diameter. Color of object: Maroon/Dark Red, uniform in color, no lights or glow were observed Sound of object: No notable sounds. Apparently silent from my viewing distance (approximately 150 feet away). This sighting occurred some time in very late July or some time in August 2007. My sister was sitting on the porch of our house in Marcy, NY. She was facing south. We were talking about the 7th Harry Potter book. As I was talking, I stepped down off the porch and turned around back toward the house. As I turned to face north, I saw a dark red sphere up in the air approximately 150 feet away from me, behind the northeastern corner of the house. As soon as I saw it, I stopped talking mid-sentence. It was approximately 40 feet off the ground, just above the treetops, and was initially stationary. A second or so after I noticed it, the sphere moved silently to the east at approximately 15-20 mph. The object moved slowly and deliberately, holding its altitude and maintaining its vector as if with precision, and apparently moving of its own accord. It did not appear to be blown around randomly, as if by the wind. After several seconds the object became obscured behind the trees and then completely out of sight. After a moment of silence, I said to my sister "I just saw a UFO." I was never scared, but it was strange to see such an object in the air. I wish I had gotten in the car and tried to follow it, but I think I was in disbelief and didn't know how to react. Never saw anything like it again.


Thank you for your report. It's interesting how small details get locked into our memory when a sighting occurs; Harry Potter for example. Great series by the way. I much preferred the books. It's unique that the color of the craft was Maroon. I remember a report from years ago that mentioned a maroon craft. I'll have to dig through our files. Thanks again for your recollection of this event. I'm sure it still effects you to this day, as these sightings usually do.


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