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Multiple Orbs - Detroit, Michigan

Report: 1783

December 31, 2012

Actually it was 2012 turning into 2013. I saw three bright lights that looked like stars in the night. This is their White Energy Phase, which seems to indicate that they are benign. I started waving at them but they ignored me. Two more came up behind them and this time when I started waving they paused and came towards each other as if communicating. A jet flew over us and they both dimmed into black blobs of squirming darkness. As I watched they separated and came towards me. One of them flew directly over me and it was a black cloud of static coming to rest over a house. This tv static just seemed to solidify as I watched. It took the shape of a flying saucer, completely black and enveloped in black tv static. Electrons would look like this if we could see them. As it slowly floated away the other one came out of nowhere. It was one of those red orange Orbs so often seen. It was bouncing in the air like a basketball. It looked just like a hydrogen atom, from the photos taken. It slipped behind the trees and the last I saw of them all five were bright lights again heading towards the fireworks in Detroit. That only indicates that when they feel threatened they will change shape, color and possibly solidify. A few days later they were seen in California.


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