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Two White Orbs with Extraterrestrials - Mayodan, North Carolina

Report: 1794

August 17, 2023

Two white orb’s floating above my home. I took 3 live photographs with 3 second video with each photo. The photographs clearly shows extraterrestrials floating around the orb’s. I photographed this encounter 12 days after the last encounter, which I reported to you concerning the August 5, 2023 encounter. My name is James Stilwell and this is my 39th encounter in the last 3 years. Each encounter was photographed with extraterrestrials in the majority of the photographs. I also have reported to the Rockingham county, NC authorities all encounters and have shown the photographs to them. They told me that they had no jurisdiction over this and then suggested that I could sign a NDA. What a shame, that their vehicles have printed on them, to serve and protect, and in God we trust. Please also read the article with the Grey area news titled ufo observer reports sightings with photographs to Rockingham county authorities. Please include this report as another encounter that I’m requesting an investigation by someone who has the experience somewhat comparable to myself if that’s possible. In a world with such dishonest people, I now understand that my intellectual property will never have value, but I say unequivocally that in an honest world that it should be worth billions. I have approximately photographed 500 Extraterrestrials with dozens of their crafts, I feel blessed and cursed at the same time. Thanks for your interest in peoples reports. Please prey for the dishonest people in our government, our lives and safety are at stake and our government lies with every breath to conceal their knowledge of the truth about these entities and their technology. I’m a former US Navy veteran, NAS Fallon Nevada. Area 51 is a beautiful place.


Thank you for your report, and your service. The best we can do is to keep gaining undeniable proof that something is coming to our planet. Eventually there will be too much evidence to ignore any longer.


Thanks Ken, your comments are much appreciated. I would like to offer you an opportunity to help share undeniable evidence of live photographs with extraterrestrials in the 3 second video’s. I have contacted Senator Thom Tillis , the Pentagon, Inspector generals, the FBI , local police, state police, and numerous congressional elect’s, and sent them unequivocal proof. I was sent a message from Sen. Tillis , stating that he would keep my views in mind as the senate considers issues related to UAP’s. This is not only unacceptable to me, it’s downright dereliction of duty in regards to the National security of every country on Earth. All governments of the world knows the truth but keep their citizens on a need to know basis. I’m so disappointed by the lack of concern about this issue by government authorities. That’s also proof that they know and are complicit in the coverup. I personally already knew how authorities would respond but I wanted to prove to myself that they would not give me the time of day in my time of need concerning my very close encounters. Truth concealed and Satan go hand in hand. I hear nothing but lies from the bottom to the top of our government elect’s, especially our president, their knees will bow . The opportunity I mentioned is that I would be willing to show you everything that has been denied by the government’s of the world if I had an opportunity to share it only face to face, under advice by my attorney, my intellectual property must be safeguarded by keeping possession when disclosing evidence. Thanks again for your comment, God’s elect’s are not blind or deaf to truth, nor are they cowards or liars. - James (Last name redacted), Mayodan, NC.

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