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Bronze Building Floating in Sky - Campton, Kentucky

Report: 1827

June 16, 1978

When I was 13 my sister and I were driving back from Lexington Kentucky on the mountain parkway in S.E.Ky. and when we came over Slade mountain to our home in Campton @ the beginning of the Mt Parkway you could immediately see a giant bronze, Very Large, Very Odd shaped building floating in the sky. It was over 8 stories high. You could see the different stories/floors easily by the window panels that apparently had brighter lights made of one or two areas were brightly lit and that made me conclude that they were floors to this thing. On the top and rectangular on the bottom with two large half sphere scoops out of its bottom and from where it went to the l-shaped top to the rectangular bottom a large portion of the ship was taken out and it looked amazingly like a beautiful piece of architecture it moved very slowly across the sky going only a few miles an hour and it definitely had a force field because when it went over some trees of one Hill the trees broke but the object did not touch them itself. I felt that because I smelled so much ozone in the air something was wrong with its cloaking device or something of that nature.


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