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Blue Orb UFO - East Helena, Montana

Report: 1836

March 20, 2024

On march 20,2024 I was taking photos of the moon and contrails because I have a new phone with a great camera. On March 24th, I was showing off my photos and zooming in on the stars and found an unusual object that had moved through out several photos. I wish I had noticed it at the time I was taking the pictures as I would have taken more and been zoomed in on the object specifically. Starts off as a blue dot. It looks like the classic UFO very clear in one image and kind of shadowed in clouds in another. There were no contrails with this object and no other flashing lights. The photo is very clear.


Thank you for your report. This is a beautiful image of contrails. The blue/green orb in the photo is likely camera lens flare produced by the glare of the moon on internal elements of the camera lens. If you zoom in, you'll also notice a bit of the same colored flare on the moon itself. If you move the phone around while taking night shots of the moon, you'll notice this lens flare also moves with the camera. While not a ufo, this is a great demonstration of lens flare and how it can look like a craft in the night sky when we go back and look at the photos. Thank you for sharing.

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