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Triangle UFO - Washburn, North Dakota

Report: 1837

April 6, 2024

I looked into the night sky and I saw a triangle shaped UFO. There was 3 lights on it in each point of the triangle. They aren't colored, just like a gray light is what it looked like. The lights lit up the interior surface and while it was barely visible it almost had a mirror effect. it was moving southwest and a very fast speed and completely silent. And then it just disappeared. I was like wait come back lol and then I saw it moving from west to east, same thing very fast moving and silent. But this time only 3 lights were visible . And it almost looked like it had stopped for a second before it just shot out of eye sight. Almost as if it had gone behind a cloud and it's a completely clear night tonight. The first time I lost sight of it, same thing, it just kind of disappeared and then resurfaced again going the other direction. I've seen a lot of weird stuff in the sky at night, but never anything like this !!! What was it ?!


I’m a taxi driver in Madison WI. I had a passenger on April 5, 2024, who said he saw a triangle-shaped UFO over the city at about 8pm on that day. He was very unsettled by it and wanted to talk about it. He described it as a black triangle with lights pointing down. He couldn’t say its depth as he was underneath it. He was completely sober and hadn’t taken psychedelics (I asked). He said he didn’t get a photo but since he saw it above the downtown I expected to hear a news report… but there wasn’t one… I wonder if you saw the same thing.

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