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UFO During Eclipse - Ozark, Arkansas

Report: 1844

April 8, 2024

Today I was taking pictures of the solar eclipse 2024 . In Ozark Arkansas I was in totality and snapped a picture of it and actually got a picture of it and to the bottom left there is a UFO or object rather that looks like all the other photos you see of UFOs on any show or documentary that you see. I am hesitant of posting my picture quite yet I want to have some others look at it first. This was at around 2 during totality of eclipse. Very weird.


I captured something very odd as well here in Michigan. I put the film of the eclipse goggles over my phone camera lens and took a few photos. I got 2 photos of the anomaly, I showed them to several people and they agree that it's not normal. There are several reports on the web too.

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