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Multiple Blue, Red, & Green Lights - Longview, Washington

Report: 1846

April 6, 2024

Last night I seen them again, lights, always red, blue & green, we see them on Regular bases, after the first few times I had my wife come outside with me, I asked what she seen and she described them the same as me, you see anywhere from 2 up to 7 or 8 at a time they sometimes stay in one spot, we've also seen them move straight up and down, move at an angle at times, sometimes you will see 2 or more move in sync with each other, twice now we've even seen one moving and all of a sudden it splits off into 2 and you can be watching one and look off at a different one, when you turn back 20 or 30 seconds the first one will be completely gone, this is all on clear nights.


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