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Dark, Rotating UFO - Howard Beach, New York

Report: 1881

November 2, 2012

In 2012 I had a second job as a Doorman in Roma View a catering place in Howard Beach NY. One day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I took a brake and walk to the ocean canal just 20 feet from the catering door, while I was smoking a cigarette I notice at the end of the canal where is a CVS what I thought it was a party silver balloon that a kid probably lost. I kept smoking and I begin to notice it did not went up, it was just floating probably only 20 feet in the air, but it started moving horizontally through the canal at my direction, I still that moment I thought that still was a balloon, but then it came in front of me 10 feet and it was not a balloon. It was probably 2 meters diameter and completely round, the circumference was dark and all in the interior surface was rotating in a like silver sprinkles, I froze because it was so close but I was not afraid, it lasted 5 seconds it was just only 10 feet from me, tried to grab my phone but in that second it went up the sky at an incredible speed not as any thing or plane that is from this Earth. When it was gone, I started crying because all my Religious believes were gone, I knew I was a lucky one, a chosen or something like that, I told my son who worked there and coworkers and they told me a night before many people saw lights in the sky. This is so true and am willing to take any lie detector test or hypnosis because I swear is true! Something inside me changed after this encounter! It was not big a 2 meter diameter and I believe was some kind of drone because I felt it was looking at me!


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