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Large White Light - Tarryall/Lake George, Colorado

Report: 1894

May 31, 2024

A group of 5 people camping at a dispersed campground off of Tarryall Rd. Access to China Wall Trailhead, just north east of Badger Mountain. A clear night 10:30pm, clear view of the tower complex on top of Badger Mountain when one of us spotted a large white light emitting from a central point in the sky above the tower complex fade into view. It appeared to shift directions while the light emissions changed differently than an object with a tail of light (like a commit or shooting star) in an amorphous glow of light. The light was visible for a period of 5 seconds, and then quickly faded out into darkness, was gone for 5 seconds, and then reappeared in a different spot in the sky (15-20° up and to the left from where it was initially sighted) it appeared to be closer this time, slightly larger, and moving without an assumed trajectory with the light emmitions shifting around in no correlation to direction of travel. The second phenomenon lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds, all of us witnessed the event. 2 of us struggled to attempt to video it, as it was truly the most mysterious thing we had ever witnessed. We have done a bit of research since returning after the weekend. Notable findings ufo report #1309 & #1224 stating similar sightings, as well as one of the OHV trails in the area called White Object Rd. (CO TREX trail index # 214.C), where at the high point of the trail, the tower complex on top of Badger Mountain is visible, roughly 20° shift of prospective to the west.


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