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Two White Orbs - Cromwell, Minnesota

Report: 1898

June 3, 2024

I was up late and my cat was hungry. I'm at my kitchen sink washing her bowl and I glanced out my kitchen window and noticed strange lights above the tree top levels. They were 2 white orbs. I grabbed my phone and recorded it. It was 3:30 a.m. It was in the western sky. As I looked back at the video I noticed some strange things happening with the orbs. The larger orb looked like it was looking for something in the sky. Then out of nowhere a small white light appears and speeds off at a break-neck speed.

White Orb Video


Thank you for your report. The best view of these orbs begins at 40 seconds into the video. It appears that an additional orb materialized out of the orb on the right. We have a few reports of similar orbs throughout the country over the past week. We're currently gathering additional info. -Ken
Also in my video you can see what appears like some humanoid looking beings. They looked like they were scurrying around my driveway. I didn't see them until I looked back at my recording. I paused my video and went frame to frame. What I found is truly creepy!

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