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UFO Report from Shoreline, Washington

Report: 1902

June 9, 2024

On August 22, 2022 a Mothership and Her Fleet arrived over the Puget Sound Area and my neighborhood in Washington State. I am slightly intuitive and I was Contacted by these Alien's through "feelings." These Alien's asked if I would Help share their Message, " They Are Here and They Are NOT LEAVING." I am in Contact with these Alien's 24 hours a day, EVERYDAY, since their Arrival. They, also, communicate with me through Altered photo's on my android camera. We just had the arrival of Mothership #4 and Her Fleet. Our last fleet was here from August 12, 2023 until June 6, 2024. When the first Mothership arrived they installed what is called The Veil of Protection. This Veil does exactly as it's called but it Blocks us from seeing all star's and planet's. The only thing's visible in our sky is the Moon and Alien Craft. I have BEGGED for someone to come and Acknowledge this "HAPPENING" and tried to report this to MUFON, SETI, NASA, NATO, FAA, POLICE, EVERY NEWS STATION, FORMER PRESIDENT'S, ASTRONAUTS, ON AND ON!!!. So here I sit in Shoreline, WA with a Fleet of Hostile Alien's and NOT ONE PERSON TO BELIEVE ME. I've been on Facebook all this time trying to show and tell people and I can't get one stinking place to take my report. Please contact me, if you like.


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