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Large Triangular Craft - Chicago, Illinois

Report: 1904

June 8, 2024

My friends and I were having a firepit with music on the farm Saturday evening. We saw fireworks going off in the far off distance of a nearby town. While watching them I saw a large triangular object floating with three red glowing lights in each corner. The object was facing towards us with the lights facing us but no light was shining forth. I saw it for just a few seconds in awe and shock and I turned to my friends and asked if they see this and they didn’t know what I was talking about, they were all focused on the fireworks. When I looked by it was gone. Out of my 4 friends I was the only one that saw it. I tried to justify that maybe it was a very large drone, could sparks of the fireworks make me imagine it? But I remember seeing an actual metal type craft just floating near us behind the trees and then it disappeared.


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