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UFO Report from Kansas City, Missouri

Report: 231

July 2, 2021

I’m not positive on the date it was hot and it was 2021 I told my GM the next day but I was heading home during the day and I stopped at the end of the street heading to the Heart of America high way bridge and I looked up above the tree line and you could clearly see a triangle of lights. You couldn’t see anything but a circle where a light was but nothing else just the three lights that made a triangle. I was going to take a picture and a car came up an layed on its horn so I just moved on but I could kick myself for not going ahead and taking the picture. This is the second time I have seen a ufo around 20 years or so in our neighborhood my two sons and myself (it was in 1991 summer July or early August) we was going to the store around 9:30-10:00pm and at the end of our hill behind our neighbors house we stopped got out and stared at it it was huge the lights was as big as the house they was colored lights not white. We watched for like 2 mins then it was suddenly gone, we got back in the car an went on like nothing happened, I don’t know why I did look to see the next day if it was on the news or something but it wasn’t. I never even said anything to my husband and neither did my boys we never talked about it again till around 2015 or so don’t know why about that either my youngest son didn’t really remember it but my oldest son did.


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