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UFO Report from Worland, Wyoming

Report: 30

May 5, 2021

10:00pm Mountain Time, went outside to look at the sky. It was very clear, windless and I could see the stars amazingly well. Then I noticed a bright white round non-flickering orb. It came from the south and was moving silently through the sky towards the north. I watched it for about 3 minutes before it was out of sight. As it was veering off, I noticed a Second bright white round non-flickering orb in the sky. It was to the northwest of this first orb. It was moving upwards. It moved upwards until I could no longer see it. I have witnessed orb sightings in the Worland, Wyoming night skies ever since I moved here in April, 2016 so I have watched the night sky here for 5 years. The orbs are always bright white, non-flickering, round and move soundlessly until they're out of sight. I've wondered if they could be satellites. I don't know what a satellite looks like when it is flying through the sky. These orbs move faster than a plane, and appear to be right up there with the stars but move on the lower part of the horizon - not way up high. So their elevation appears to be a little higher than an average plane. They have no lights blinking on them. They have no exhaust fumes coming from them. I will continue to monitor the Worland night skies.


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