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UFO Report from Ford island, Hawaii

Report: 309

July 1, 1972

While stationed at Ford Island in Hawaii myself and a friend where walking around the base.we noticed a hanger doors were partially open about 1 foot. Looking inside the hanger we noticed the air stream trailer the astronauts used when they returned from the moon. Accept this time the astronauts were not using this quarrentine as they felt it was not necessary. Located next to the trailer was the capsule on a three wheeled trailer. On the other end of the hanger were two (flying saucers) one flat black with US AIR FORCE WRITTEN ON CLOSE TO THE OUTER EDGE ON THE TOP OF THE CRAFT. IT WAS ABOUT 20 FEET ACROSS. NEXT TO THIS CRAFT WAS ANOTHER SAUCER A LITTLE BIT SMALLER AND DULL SILVER IN COLOR.THE SILVER CRAFT WAS SMOOTH WITH NO SEAMS OR RIVETS.ALSO BOTH CRAFTS WERE SITTING ON LEGS WITH PAD,NO WHEELS. AT THIS TIME WE got scared we left.


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