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UFO Report from N/A, Hawaii

Report: 708

January 6, 2023

I’m a airline B787 pilot. We were flying at 38,000 ft this morning at approx 1015Z over the Pacific about 1000 miles north of Hawaii. The other pilot and I witnessed on several separate instances, 3 distant and very high altitude lights that looked like stars in the night sky. They would appear out of the darkness in the same spot of the sky, become increasingly bright, and would circle around each other. 2 of them appeared dimmer and smaller than the third, which appeared much brighter. They would accelerate and change directions rapidly at seemingly incredible speeds, then they would fly apart, the brighter one would stop momentarily, and the they would disappear until doing the same thing again a few minutes later. We saw this happen several times. I captured the last “event” on my Ipad video. Proximately 15 minutes after all of this occurred, what I thought was Venus obscured by window post and didn’t think much of it as my view of it was blocked until I move my head. As I looked at what I thought was Venus it appeared to be moving very slowly. Over a matter of seconds it moved away from us to the south and ultimately dimmed as it moved away and disappeared towards the horizon. Initially when I first saw it, it appeared to just a stationary planet until it began its movement. This was not the typical motion of a orbital satellite.


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