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Vermont UFO Reports

UFO Report #: 880
January 21, 2023 - Shelburne, Vermont

A 100 ft object w/bright red light at the front and white light thru body of object hovered approximately 1000 feet above me with no sound coming from the UFO….the lights from the object were constant and no blinking lights at all like you see on a plane. The object came from the southwest across RT 7 in Shelburne and headed east toward Winston Vt…there was absolutely no sound from the UFO…the speed of the UFO was very slow deliberate. The time of siting was about 9 pm. View Report

UFO Report #: 589
December 21, 2022 - North troy, Vermont

My wife and I were on our way home from a friends house in Orleans Vermont when I happened to glance up to the sky and noticed some unusual lights and movement so we proceeded to drive to Newport Vermont and it continued to stay with us I pulled over in Newport at the local bank to get out and record what I was seeing at this point it had appeared to have stopped with us I took out my cell phone and began to record what I was witnessing then my wife observed two more or so it looked like she assumes it was one big craft but was in the shape of a perfect triangle and would move in sync with one another. View Report

UFO Report #: 765
December 9, 2022 - Rutland, Vermont

Witnessed what looked like stars at first, but when closely analyzed the stars appeared to float in random directions and release barely visible smaller versions of the light in an every 2 second or so pattern. I came to the conclusion these must be some sort of ship releasing smaller drones or ships. The smaller ones would dart out of the bigger ones very quickly and kind of move around randomly for a second, then seem to catch a trajectory that seemed it was looking for, and head on that path. These bigger ones that release the smaller ones were numerous when I realized what was happening. Now I know what is a star and what is not based on these sightings. They are happening every night where I live. Sometimes even visible when stars are not. I believe they are using stars as camouflage. View Report

UFO Report #: 594
August 12, 2022 - West fairlee, Vermont

While doing security at a resort at approx 2am a boomerang shaped object appeared above me about 500 ft extremely huge no sound entire craft was a bluish white pointed my light at it it was as if you turned off a light switch it was gone no sound at all View Report

UFO Report #: 290
September 28, 2018 - Wells river , Vermont

Wells River area a orange ordnance the size of a football field came across mountain top moveing slow disappearing into a black hole no stars could be seen within the hole a white mist like smoke ring around that hole as it disappears not two minutes later a blacked out helicopter came over my camp fire flew off saw other aircraft in the area that night up to the sighting and then were gone after View Report

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