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Virginia UFO Reports

Ball of Light Shot Across Sky While Changing Shape
March 2, 2024 - Woodbridge, Virginia

I was driving home in Woodbridge, Va and in my neighborhood when my sister and I both see a bright ball of light shoot across the sky like a shooting star. Except it wasn’t a shooting star bc the ball of light was much closer and bigger and the way it moved and altered its shape wasn’t normal. It was extremely fast and close. View Report

White Light at High Speed
December 13, 2023 - Richmond, Virginia

I was driving my truck making my delivery to Richmond va I seen something white streak across the sky I was like its a shooting star but then all of the sudden I seen it streak right back the other way I had downloaded dr greer app and remind you im a truck driver and I have a powerful cb radio slash ham radio so it gets out real far so I was playing the sounds of his app of prior alien noises for like 30 min prior, that freaked me out and I sware I will never do that again View Report

UFO Report #: 1447
March 6, 2023 - North chesterfield, Virginia

White oblong (pill shaped) shaped object flying north of me. I didn’t think too much until my sister pointed out the weird movements of the balloon. Moments later fighter jets and drones flew over in the same direction. A red drone literally disappeared in the middle of the bright blue sky. View Report

UFO Report #: 1370
March 1, 2023 - Cross junction, Virginia

It is 6:50pm EST, I've been watching 2 very bright, stationary lights in the northwest sky above Cross Junction, VA for the last 40 minutes. First visible before 6pm, well before sunset and any any stars. The lights appear relatively close, one is clearly brighter and larger that the other. At 6:45pm, no other stars are visible like these 2 stationary lights, which appear to be on slightly higher in altitude to commercial airline traffic. Very interesting and bright. D Patterson Cross Junction, VA View Report

UFO Report #: 1384
March 1, 2023 - Bristol, Virginia

Double bright lights in the sky in Bristol, Va. approximately around 7pm. Big, bright lights. Lights then appeared to be 4 instead of 2. Then they all shot off across the night sky extremely fast. Much faster than aircraft or military craft could travel. They disappeared. Also, the night before on 2/28/23 witnessed similar lights in Bristol, Tn. Bristol is a small city which shares both states of VA and TN. I have two photos. View Report

UFO Report #: 1411
March 1, 2023 - Max meadows, Virginia

Very long cigar shaped object with lights on both ends. Observed through binoculars. Military aircraft flew towards it when it got dark, and when they neared it, the lights turned off. After the military aircraft left, they returned in a slightly different location. Many people saw it, and there was another object identical in the next town over. Roanoke ATC was notified and had radar contact for a few moments before the object disappeared. View Report

UFO Report #: 1418
March 1, 2023 - Stafford , Virginia

Pair of fixed lights in the sky. Not moving Just above Garrisonville Road at 7 p.m. Watched a commercial jet fly above the two bright fixed lights. Never saw anything sit so still and bright in the sky with no blinking lights. View Report

UFO Report #: 1353
February 28, 2023 - Fairfax, Virginia

2 strong lights over the northern Virginia area, orange in color and round. Watched for over 40 minutes and no movement at all. View Report

UFO Report #: 1271
February 23, 2023 - Palmyra, Virginia

At approximately 5:56am I took my dog out in my front yard on a leash. I always look up at the stars and noticed a light moving. I first thought plane but it had no lights blinking then I thought it may be a satellite. But it shifted direction on a dime and started moving in a wave like pattern. It was the same bright throughout until it turned really bright and green over my house. It slowed and then dimmed to what it looked like before. Then picked up to the speed it was before and continued on the way dimming as it went out of sight. Never have I seen anything like this in the sky. View Report

UFO Report #: 1274
February 23, 2023 - District of columbia, Virginia

Approximately 7:46 pm, in Washington DC, noted four lights traveling north-westerly direction, high velocity, yet interacting (weaving near and away from one another). After approximately 30 seconds two lights abruptly reversed direction (no swing-around, they simply shifted to the opposite direction immediately) to the southeast while the remaining two continued on their northwest heading. While this was occurring at least two aircraft were in view, noted by their strobing wing lights and considerably slower velocity, a contrast to the speed of the four observed lights. All four maintained considerable speed until out of view. About 2 minutes viewing time in total. Attempted to photograph, unable to acquire focus…. View Report

UFO Report #: 1269
February 22, 2023 - Roanoke, Virginia

While in my backyard with my dog, we heard what sounded like an extremely loud noise, like a very low flying plane near the airport but not near an airport. It moved very slowly and very close to the trees. View Report

UFO Report #: 1167
February 10, 2023 - Colonial heights, Virginia

I was standing on my porch looking southwest up at the sky, as I always do, around 6:15-6:30. I saw a light thinking it was another airplane.The sky had few clouds so was easy to see. It was moving faster than normal, did a u turn just as fast, swooped up and down 2 times and just disappeared. I was thinking that it was going to crash but nothing, just vanished!! I have watched planes for years and never EVER saw anything like this before. Not even helicopters menevor like that!! Still in shock!! View Report

UFO Report #: 950
February 1, 2023 - Lynchburg, Virginia

5:20 am saw a bright blue orb in the sky from my living room window and took a picture. 5 minutes later checked again and it had changed color so I took another picture. It never moved and the the rest of the sky is completely dark with no clouds. View Report

UFO Report #: 934
January 26, 2023 - Chesapeake, Virginia

In Chesapeake,VA. A squad of UFO's traveling N.E. towards the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach. I have a video of the incident. View Report

UFO Report #: 901
January 24, 2023 - Fredericksburg, Virginia

I live near Quantico Marine Corps Base and saw a white flying tic tac like object floating at fast speeds. I recorded it and had flight logs open. Nothing commercial or Military. View Report

UFO Report #: 910
January 24, 2023 - Lexington, Virginia

Saw one stationary brightly lit object. Seemed to be flashing colored lights in a horizontal pattern. Stepped inside to get binoculars and when I came back, there were two. Recorded with phone for over 30 seconds. They were visible for well over 5 minutes that I was watching, never moved in altitude or horizontally. View Report

UFO Report #: 798
January 15, 2023 - Abingdon, Virginia

Four red orbs rising horizontal in formation repeat for 10 minutes. View Report

UFO Report #: 773
January 14, 2023 - Richmond, Virginia

Streaking flash across sky, Richmond VA. View Report

UFO Report #: 649
January 1, 2023 - Woodbridge, Virginia

We noticed a group of flying objects outside we recorded them we want to share video maybe we have something interesting we can't explain what they are little white spots moving around might be about a dozen flying really far up in the sky View Report

UFO Report #: 596
December 24, 2022 - Portsmouth, Virginia

Went out to garage 2am came back out look at the old tree blocking the stars next thing u know I see 7 red low dimmed pulseing light in the at a high rate of speed with no sound at all and also flew kinda low where I can see bottom details hard to discribe went in the house told my wife she thought I was joking an hour later went to put trash out and saw another different type of ufo I was actually scared this time because I saw shape but was in stealth mode in a odd shape I haven’t seen before told my wife again she said it’s Santa clause I told to stop joking cause it for real im excited I always believed. View Report

UFO Report #: 590
December 19, 2022 - Stafford, Virginia

Multiple low altitude lights with color changing hovering in same height kind of pattern. Noticed only two, then another, and then 2 more. Total of about 7. Got pictures and video from cell phone. In a couple of videos you see 2 surround a small plane. So move at amazing speeds defying normal physics laws. Also have noticed they seem to show up about every 2 or 3 days now. I only got a side view I'm assuming of it in a video and can see its movement in slow motion. The still pics seem donut light with a center dark. Pulsate colors, red, green, blue, mag, cyan when they seemed to be communicating amongst themselves. I also have tons of spirit activity at this site also. I have cams and night vision set up at fhd. I between DC and Norfolk area. View Report

UFO Report #: 367
December 7, 2022 - Ashburn, Virginia

Strange lights darting around caught on my front door camera. View Report

UFO Report #: 306
December 1, 2022 - Hampton, Virginia

Sitting still over area. Backs away from camera. View Report

UFO Report #: 249
November 22, 2022 - Haynesville, Virginia

Pulsing light twice and then boom it was gone in a millasecond. View Report

UFO Report #: 150
November 10, 2022 - Newport news, Virginia

Object is shaped like a ball with a circular band around it. Basically, it look and look like a spinning top. View Report

UFO Report #: 199
November 8, 2022 - Alexandria, Virginia

Captured two unidentifiable craft during recent Lunar Eclipse.. I do have pictures if desired. View Report

UFO Report #: 126
November 7, 2022 - Charlottesville, Virginia

Pulsating light with no movement and then it moves. I have video footage also View Report

UFO Report #: 1455
August 15, 2019 - Stanley, Virginia

Me and my nephew (who is autistic and age 20 I believe at the time) was standing out in our families driveway around 11:30pm looking up at the sky; when I saw an egg/oval shaped turquoise blue light come up over my right shoulder in the sky, it was silent and didn't move like anything I've ever seen. It was to fast to be a plane, and the control in which it could stop and go was nothing I've ever seen. It went behind a tree. I was extremely excited and asked my nephew if he saw it which he replied "no". I thought it was gone for good when it came out from behind the tree and the light expanded the length of the right side of the tree in blue and the with the snap of your finger disappeared. Didn't fly off. My nephew did witness all that. View Report

UFO Report #: 868
November 30, 1996 - Virginia beach, Virginia

I cannot tell you a precise date other than school year 1996 or 97. We were having a NJROTC parents meeting at PAHS. Some of us stepped outside, 8 pm-ish. I was facing the sky; others the building. I saw what looked like something round and fuzzy at the distance. It flew left to right across the sky, made an extremely sharp left turn, continued for a second, made another extremely sharp right turn, and after another second or two, completely vanished. I don't think any country on earth has technology like that... yet, or we would know... wouldn't we. View Report

UFO Report #: 561
December 18, 0022 - Ellerbe, Virginia

Port hole over white house you can see it on live cam day or night it appears as a stanchion cloud don't move it is there now i just looked at web cam my self i don't know what it is but there is something there i heard about this by roger stone interview so i went to live cam of white house and it is there PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. View Report

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