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New Jersey UFO Reports

Bright Lights in the Sky
January 8, 2024 - Roseland, New Jersey

At 9:34pm, in Roseland Nj driving West, 2 round Bright lights stood steady in the sky. As we continued driving West the seemed to drop towards the horizon at rapid speed without a trail. After researching meteors, this does not appear the be what these were. They did not appear far from us. View Report

UFO Report #: 1613
September 8, 2023 - Linden, New Jersey

I live in NJ/in 2020 I had just walked out of my local ShopRite store during the day when I happened to glance up in the sky & noticed high up right below some overcast clouds a cluster of what appeared to be from my vantage point a small cluster of dark orbs that were swirling around each other in a erratic fashion/I followed this small cluster of swirling tightly packed orbs that slowly drifted across the sky for about a mile or a half in my car until I got out of my vehicle where i observed them again for a few more mins until one broke off from the cluster going sideways then moving straight up into the sky stopping then turning Star-like bright & then disappearing/about less then a min later the remaining cluster of orbs just simply vanished before my eyes.... View Report

UFO Report #: 1573
July 28, 2023 - Lanoka harbor, New Jersey

The other night I saw what I thought was a line of birds in the sky, it was around 9 pm and right before I asked my husband if he sees the line I noticed they had lights. It was like a snake of lights in the sky. They were super dim not bright at all. I’m not sure if it was a strip of a bigger object or it was the whole object. The closest way I can show it would be a line like this. :::::::: me and my husband both saw this on Friday night in south jersey. A family member also saw it who lives about 30 mins from our home. It seem to be heading towards the bay or ocean. View Report

UFO Report #: 1232
February 19, 2023 - Bellmawr, New Jersey

Small round silvery grey object floating in a straight line moving slowly and silently from west to east. The object just moved steadily straight. At first I thought it may be a bird but the object never turned and wings were not visible. Also, the object had no lights. I guess this object could have been a small balloon but the object moved in a straight line and did not move up or down and flew right into a cloud and was gone after that. This happened at about 5:15pm Eastern Time on February 19, 2023 and lasted for maybe 10 seconds from when I looked out of the upstairs window until it went into the cloud and disappeared. I was going to retrieve my phone but the object was so small by the time I would have moved my eyes off of the object to grab my phone and take footage of it I would not have been able to obtain any meaningful video or pictures of the object. View Report

UFO Report #: 1427
February 19, 2023 - Bellmawr, New Jersey

Small round silvery grey object floating in a straight line moving slowly and silently from west to east. The object just moved steadily straight. At first I thought it may be a bird but the object never turned and wings were not visible. Also, the object had no lights. I guess this object could have been a small balloon but the object moved in a straight line and did not move up or down and flew right into a cloud and was gone after that. This happened at about 5:15pm Eastern Time on February 19, 2023 and lasted for maybe 10 seconds from when I looked out of the upstairs window until it went into the cloud and disappeared. I was going to retrieve my phone but the object was so small by the time I would have moved my eyes off of the object to grab my phone and take footage of it I would not have been able to obtain any meaningful video or pictures of the object. View Report

UFO Report #: 1179
February 13, 2023 - Wayne, New Jersey

Cousin and uncle heard jets and black Hawk choppers chasing approximately 15 UFO’s over wayne, NJ. Some of the UFO’s would be circling around the military jets and helicopters, some would stay still. My cousin took a video of the whole incident, lasted around 40 minutes, multiple witnesses around the town also seen all this take place. View Report

UFO Report #: 1094
February 12, 2023 - Newark, New Jersey

This is probably major important and classified so be careful. Saw a human walking a young boy on a smartphone, then I saw him deasemble into a matrix of coordinated nanobots then fly together down the street and reform into a boy and walk. He looked perfectly realistic. There was a intense scene I saved him from possibly a pedophile who's gf was recording things saying there was something there that wasn't. Also on my way home a group of kids passed me and acted real nice. Please they could be among us interacting with the internet. View Report

UFO Report #: 1096
February 12, 2023 - North bergen, New Jersey

Flat square ufo, black, slight white glow, slightly bent at the top when seen from the flat side. Spinning slowing. Moving on a straight path heading north. There is a video on Youtube that shows this exact object. View Report

UFO Report #: 1092
February 10, 2023 - Harrison, New Jersey

FRIDAY….While returning from my garage and the motion light had gone off …I looked up at the sky as I usually do because I can sometimes see planets of course stars and the moon. Friday evening I saw 6 what I could only determine were Satellites they were hovering over our bridge Rt280 (also where traffic helicopters hover) so that particular one was very low. The others where scattered. At this time the was no air traffic as I live a 10 minute drive to Newark Arpt. Most of them were hovering over Newark where we have schools Rutgers Law School..NJIT…Prudential Ins co etc. Later that evening I looked out my 2nd floor window they were still there…however they were at a higher altitude SATURDAY…..UFO at higher altitude and there was more air traffic with commercial flights. I will continue to observe this situation but I truly hope someone will attend to this situation….Thank you. There is too much at stake to fluff this off! View Report

UFO Report #: 1017
February 8, 2023 - Independence twp, New Jersey

I laid down to go to bed and I noticed an unusually bright white light in the distance. I can see the flight path from my window at night and am familiar with where planes fly by its in the DISTANCE. This was coming from that general direction but moving very slowly straight up (not in the usual flight line) getting closer towards me. It stopped once when it was still pretty far away before continuing. There were tree branches slightly obstructing my view at first, no leaves because it's winter. I continued to lay there on my side in bed watching through the window with slight curiosity and patiently waiting for it to pass so I could sleep because it was really bright. I initially assumed it was a helicopter because of the slower speed, it had stopped once and though it was generally moving straight, it was weaving sided to side a little bit as it approached. As it got closer I could see blinking lights around the perimeter. They were red and green I think. I say I think because I was staring at it intensely and I told myself to remember the colors but for some reason I couldn't figure out what color they were but red and lime green are my best description. I'm still confused today about why I couldn't figure out the colors even though I asked myself clearly in the moment, still looking at it what color they were and with a clear head. This was when I decided to get out of bed because what was that thing. I strained to figure out what shape it was as it came closer. It went right by my window at about the same speed and altitude I would describe a helicopter to be moving at; too slow and low for an airplane. There was a low pitched hum that accompanied it but NOT the sound of a helicopter. Immediately after, I turned my light on and sketched out my best rendering at it's shape. The rough shape is best described as a cross between a triangle and a square. Smaller at the front, wider at the back but not pointy or as exaggerated as a triangle. On the sides there were stubby "wings," that attached to the entire length of the body which was longer than how far they stuck out. The back had a broad fin shaped thing. It was slightly wider than the end of the body and flat. The front of it was dark and rounded (it was so dark at that end I had trouble making out a shape). It just went by so slow and casually I'm still scratching my head at how clearly I saw this thing that I have no explanations for what it actually was. I was going to bed but not overly tired and I was 100% sober. I am a veteran, my father was a helicopter pilot so I have been around a lot of various aircraft and I do not know what that thing was. I am willing to share my rough sketch if anyone would like to see it.

Associated Sketch

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UFO Report #: 1025
February 8, 2023 - Cliffside park, New Jersey

Saw a Starlike object glowing and disappearing above. Object had no sound stayed stationary and glow like the brightest star or planet in the sky. Event happened for 10 minutes maybe longer. It would glow for a few seconds and disappear for longer Bout 15 to 20 seconds. Have a video from my cellphone.

Associated Video

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UFO Report #: 951
February 1, 2023 - Guttenberg, New Jersey

I was outside my house in Guttenberg NJ around 4:45am having a cigarette. I saw an object within the distance above, no light just black UFO looking craft moving right to left, left to right and I started saying very loud holy sh*t, and kept Repeating as I just watched it. This lasted for about a minute and the second I looked down to pull out my phone it was gone. My husband came out and asked WTF and I couldn’t even answer I was just stunned from what I had witnessed. I am still in awe of what I just saw. I was simply outside enjoying the minor snow fall when I saw this happen. I understand how crazy it sounds but I can never get this image out of my head. View Report

UFO Report #: 930
January 26, 2023 - Oakland, New Jersey

Fast moving flat square aircraft with four lights on each bottom corner. View Report

UFO Report #: 855
January 18, 2023 - Forked river, New Jersey

I was driving home from forked river and I was on lacey road by the popcorn zoo when I noticed a bright dot (not a glare or anything) it was around 4:30pm so the sun was still out. The dot was still and there were few clouds in the sky. After about 3 seconds it just zoomed east and passed behind some clouds before disappearing behind the trees and horizon. I'm not saying it was little green men but it was definitely not manned by a human. That type of speed would turn us to goo. I tried to recreate it to make sure it wasn't a glare but it wasn't. It was a tiny bright dot with no glare around it. View Report

UFO Report #: 811
January 16, 2023 - Riverdale, New Jersey

I saw a very bright light moving from the west to the east, then stopped and went up to the sky super fast. It happened 5 minutes ago while I was outside grilling for dinner. View Report

UFO Report #: 777
December 27, 2022 - Yonkers, New Jersey

I’m a truck driver and I stopped for the night , I couldn’t find any area to park my semi so I ended up sleeping behind a Walmart . I was the only one there . I close my curtains when I sleep so no one can peek . It was around 1:20 A.M and I was playing my game on my bed and I hear a knock on my sleeper (from the outside) .. I ignore the knock thinking it was just a homeless person or prostitute … about 3 min pass and I hear the same knock … it was kind of a beat .. my company doesn’t allow me to carry firearms so I grab my pepper spray… I had no choice but to open my curtain too see who it is , theirs times Walmart employees knock on my door to tell me to leave but it was past 1 A.M so I highly doubted it was an employee, again I had no choice but to look because it could be a tow truck getting ready to tow my semi . But I did not hear any words ? . I paused my game to see if I could hear any footsteps or words but nothing, I had my APU running so my truck was making buzzing noise (an APU is a built in air conditioner and heater that helps me save fuel) . It was quiet for about 3 min so I slowly opened my driver side curtain and I noticed a really small person with really skinny legs and arms standing on my driver side step , the eyelids were half way closed and it had a oval head . The 4 head was bigger than the chin . It was about 3 feet tall . It was hairless with no clothes or shoes . I could notice wrinkles all over the body . The color looked dark grey / Kinda purplish. Yes it was a really small person just standing on my step looking at my door . I immediately honked my semi horn and it just stood their with no reaction. I turned my truck on and started building up air pressure so I could take off . I opened my curtains and it was still their just standing… I blew my city horn and it slowly tilted its head … I went to my sleeper to grab my pepper spray then I went back to the driver side to look at the thing and it was walking away to the back of my trailer… I drive a 53’ trailer and I was just watching it in my mirror slowly walking to the back of my trailer … their was nothing back their .. just a fence .. it took small steps and it was walking slowly …. I build enough air presses and took off to the closes truck stop … I received a violation because I’m not allowed to drive without being stoped for atleast 10 hours . I called my company and told them everything…. They didn’t believe me of course and told me it was my own fault for parking in a dark area that’s alone .. they always tell us to park in a well populated well lit area . I told all my trucking buddies and they just tell me it was probably a possum or raccoon? A possum can’t walk ? And a raccoon can’t stand on my steps . This thing was hairless . It had black eyes … it had fingers and toes … this is what I say and I don’t know what to think about life anymore. I’m 23 and been trucking for 8 months. I just need to stay out of New Jersey. View Report

UFO Report #: 601
December 25, 2022 - Cape may point, New Jersey

7:40 pm after Christmas dinner, took dog for a walk and was admiring the stars on a perfectly clear crisp night when a large triangular craft with dim, diffuse red lights flew directly over me at low altitude. It was hard to gauge the exact altitude but I estimate between 1000-5000 ft and the size of the craft was of the order or larger than a 747. The distance between the lights was roughly thumb to extended index finger at arms length. It moved completely silently in a straight line due west over the bay towards Delaware. The lights were continuous and not blinking and were diffuse, almost as if behind clouds; however, there were no clouds that night. It moved quickly and at a constant speed, likely subsonic but by the time I got my phone out to try to get a video it had gone under the treeline. Covered my 90 degree view of the sky in the time it took me to get my phone out and switch to video. Other air traffic was visible at higher altitudes and were clearly airplanes, this triangular craft was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was not a helicopter, airplane, drone, satellite, balloon, planet or star. I have a PhD in aeronautics and astronautics (plasma focus), am an avid star gazer, and am confident in my ability to identify various aircraft, this sighting shook me. View Report

UFO Report #: 319
December 1, 2022 - Moorestown, New Jersey

Every night I go outside I use my SkyView app and I look at all the planets and stars and satellites in my area. I’ve seen quite a few strange things with my eyes while not using the app. Last night I was looking at the planet Jupiter, with my eyes, and all of a sudden a flashing light, came up and like kidnapped the planet they were both gone. I thought well, that must be where they’re from or their homebase, but it was very very strange and very, very exciting! View Report

UFO Report #: 576
December 1, 2022 - Ventnor city, New Jersey

Hello, I lived in Ventnor NJ up till 2 nights ago. For the past 5 months something has been going on in the area of Ventnor, Margate, and AC NJ. As crazy as this sounds I believe my son and I had been abducted by aliens. My son's memory was wiped. Thursday night 12/1/22 He came into my room saying he couldn't breathe he looked scared and he's never looked like that. Friday 12/2/22 he was spacey and looked off. Kept pulling on his ear bc that how they tell you to listen to them I couldn't understand what was going on with him he was missing things he should know that whole week I just felt something way off. Then I took my son to the hospital on 12/14/22 because he came home talking about space missions, Atlantis lost city, voices in his head told him to break my mom's crystal glass, I tell my son I love him just about every half hr and we just have a strong bond. He asked me during that "off week" why I say I love him. He's 8 yrs old and never asked me that. He knows why I love him so much and never questioned my love for him. My son started hitting him self saying they had control over his body. In the hospital I sang him a song that he made up for me as a toddler and the Dr. saw him starting to bang his head and the metal bar of the bed. I had the same thing they wanted me to move out of the area because we figured it out that it's just not us. I did research and then looked at my pictures and it explains all of this. So I took my son and I to a shelter and they still have not left him. My son told me that his school friends are no longer the same. His best friend didn't even know his mother's name. I can understand kids changing, but this was in one day! My son told me he was abducted and I believe I was as well. We have weird dreams and we both remember the night we were taking. I woke up in a puddle of water. I couldn't understand why. My mom don't understand any of this and she became mean and she's normally not like that. She kicked us out after telling us she would never do that , told me to go live with my father who she knows i have not spoken to 5 months. and before that 3 years. I have pictures of the aliens and can show proof. I did the right thing and took my son to the hospital. I thought it was weird that they chucked it up to a TV episode of gravity falls. They can chalk it up to a TV show all they want but I've never seen it and I see those kids and how different they are The Aliens told my son that they will kill him if he and I talk. They keep showing him a image of a gun in his head. They told me they are doing an experiment in Ventnor, Margate, and AC. I have friends who live AC NJ people are jumping off buildings at a alarming rate! Hotels and homes. I understand holiday season but it's truly not that. She also told me that she's been stock piling bc yall told her WWIII is coming. I believe it ,but with the aliens. My son came home and told me that his friends on the bus are VERY different as well and people in school are forgetting things. My son didn't know who my sister was. She died 2 years ago I keep a collage of her, I and him in my room. He told me he had no idea who she was! He sees the pictures and had no clue where they were taking. I Think you are the only people who can try to say that area. It's the cops, Doctors, nurses, normal people everyone is VERY different. These things are not nice. They keep dangling carrots for you to trust them and to make people believe they will help you but they don't. They make your life a living hell. I'm done , not talking about it. It's been far to long and these 3 towns need help. I have many pictures to show. I used to go take pictures of the sunsets and took some great pictures then I started noticing Aliens in the pictures. Then all this weird stuff happening I couldn't explain it. I wasn't even my self I started feeling better when we left the area but my son is still being threatened. They told him in one year all his friends and him would be kidnapped and taken to pluto . They told him that on 12/13/22. My child is my whole life and with everything going on I wasn't taking any chances. We left and went to homeless shelter. I'm a great mother I took extreme measures life saving ones bc he's scared and frankly so am I. My mother doesn't believe in them. but we do and she changed as well. I took my son to the hospital and we came home my son went to school and she's talking about getting him seen again. I think he had enough of a hospital and frankly what are they going to do they discharged him. AtlanticCare Regional Medical center PIP is what we were in. They saw the type of mother I am I held my son's all night long made sure he had anything he needs and probably too much love! That's the type of person I am. My own mother decided to call DYFUS and I did everything right took him to the hospital showed all paperwork and they told me I was free to leave , I wanted to go to Philly that night but couldn't find a ride. Sunday 12/18/22 we left to a shelter. They told us if we left they would leave us alone bc we knew the truth that they are in people's heads making them do bad things. Which is why people are killing themselves. They also have control over bodies. My son hitting himself wasn't a one time thing. I don't feel my son needs to be locked in a padded room. I feel that you guys are the ones to be able to help. This not just us. It's 3 towns! We made 2 videos on 2 different phones just in case something happens to us. I'm a fighter and I'm fighting the invisible alone. Both of us can see dust sparkles and different things hard to explain. I've gotten this far and now I'm contacting the best of the best, I hope. View Report

UFO Report #: 283
November 26, 2022 - Short hills, New Jersey

Looks like 3 lights in pyramid fashion. Blinkng in clockwise View Report

UFO Report #: 111
November 3, 2022 - Camden, New Jersey

Bright white light moving across the sky then it stopped and stayed still then he came back my way then it stopped in mid-air again and was flashing lights from a small tiny light to a huge light then the lights went off and it started flying without no lights I seen it moving in the air a circles it was reddish I could see the red in the dark then if you above my house lights came back on then it flew in high speed fast away so why I seen it flying away getting farther another light came from another spot and started following the light that just left View Report

UFO Report #: 584
July 27, 2022 - Vineland , New Jersey

My name is Julio. I live in south Jersey. So I usually wake up approximately between 3am -5am In the mornings. They are times when I go outside and I see white clouds very large clouds like a caterpillar. The clouds looks different but not man made. This happens sometimes. Then one day I seen it again but I had my IPhone try to record it but nothing work. Not a good picture. So I try to take pictures of it. then Got a few. Then today I tell my friends about it even show the pic. Just clouds. But then I size closed up the picture, then I noticed I could see the aircraft flying inside the clouds like I said. Yes I have pictures. All and all I knew something was not normal about those clouds. I thank you. Hope all goes well. Julio View Report

UFO Report #: 260
November 4, 2021 - East rutherford, New Jersey

I saw piramid over the newark airport new jersey View Report

UFO Report #: 134
June 30, 2016 - Freehold raceway, New Jersey

After putting trash out before closing my shift, I saw something and asked it to come closer. It did, quietly and I got the shots and left. It vanished 3X till I snagged it. It followed me home while on the bus. It's been around me since and it's not letting me get another photo. Most disbelieve what it is. View Report

UFO Report #: 175
June 18, 2016 - Freehold , New Jersey

After spotting it, I coaxed it closer. When it did, I snapped a picture. View Report

UFO Report #: 722
May 10, 2004 - Wyckoff, New Jersey

My husband (now deceased) and I were waiting for a train to pass in Wyckoff, NJ. Something that could only be described as a UFO...literally a flying saucer.. took off in front of us and climbed as high as the moon. Neither one of us said a word about it to each other until weeks later. We didn't report it anywhere as we had no photos for proof and figured people would think we were nuts. Some time later about 12 am a blue light traveled throughout our house. It was square shaped, about 2 ft diameter and traveled around the house. We looked outside to see if a transformer went out or something explainable. There was nothing explainable. More recently, about four years ago in Palm Coast, Florida I took an elderly dog out at 2 or 3 am. Walking down the street were creatures that were not of this earth. There was about a four-ft tall light colored creature in the middle. On either side were two very long furry critters. They ignored us completely. Oddly, I was teaching an evening graphics class and someone mentioned UFO's...Everyone in the class had a story. View Report

Large Bright Orb
January 1, 1970 - Chesterfield, New Jersey

Driving in car with daughter from soccer practice single large bright white orb like glow shoots up in sky. After about a minute object just disappears. First thought was a plane since close to Phili, trenton, and newark but light was too bright and glow was too large. I checked for any rocket launches reports or military activity known to public since I am very close to Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst. We are used to seeing military aircraft from our farm field and definitely was not one I have ever seen. I am reporting since population is obviously dense in tri-state area and we could not be the only one's that saw this object, just curious to what it was. Object attributes that piqued my curiosity in relation to my current aviation knowledge: 1. starting position - from our horizon line it looked to start from our perspective 1500 ft 2. trajectory - vertical ~ 80 degrees 3. velocity - increasing at high rate. 4. visibility - object rises and just disappears from sight with no visual fading effect 5. size - object from visual perspective high in sky looked to be size between softball and basketball. 6. color attribute - white, blueshift appearance between 4000K and 5700K View Report

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