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UFO Report from Brown deer, Wisconsin

Report: 1183

November 16, 1997

Was sleeping with my girlfriend at a rental property in St. Francis Wisconsin. Woke up at approximately 3am. Was looking at the floor to ceiling window and a grayish black cloud appeared outside the window. It then moved through the window into my bedroom and manifested into what I could best describe was a gray alien figure. It was hovering static and then moved across the middle of the room. I then became overwealmed with fear and I believe it felt my emotions and then reversed course back toward the window. In my mind I then thought please don’t leave. I promise I won’t be afraid. My guess is that it read my mind because it then came back to the middle of the room and set down onto the floor. It was a very shiny black. Like patent leather. About 4-41/2’ tall. Long arms and fingers. Body was very narrow. It’s head was bigger than a human being. Almond shaped. It then slowly and carefully began to walk toward me. When it got to about a foot or two from where I was lying in bed, it bent down and moved it’s face within a foot from mine. I could see my reflection in its eyes. I can tell it was a helmet of some sort. The eye portals were large and tapered down. There was no nose and the mouth was just a small slot. Just at that moment, I became excited and turned to my girlfriend to wake her up. I shook her and said wake up! There’s a alien in the room. And when I turned back to the alien, it was gone. The next morning I asked my girlfriend if she remembered me waking her up and saying something about an alien but she couldn’t recall. My opinion is that because of the house I was living in, being the oldest property in St.Francis, the location may have been a geological marker for them. Though I could not read the aliens thoughts, my guess was that it was curious but not intending anything malevolent.


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