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Wisconsin UFO Reports

Spaceship with Wings
September 22, 2023 - Monroe, Wisconsin

This happened in September night of the full moon. My husband told me how beautiful the full moon was so I came out to see it. I looked into the sky and saw what looked to be a falling star however as it got closer it suddenly turned into an orange spaceship that had wings that had wings like the pointed fins of a 1956 car it’s color was orange it lasted about 30 seconds then disappeared. I was a jeweler so notice things quickly. When I told my daughter she laughed at me however her friend who was having coffee with me said oh no it did happen it was all over the internet. View Report

UFO Report #: 1626
September 9, 2023 - Lake geneva, Wisconsin

Was at a musical event and about an hour before it started there was a big space craft oval sideways shape with about 18 lights around it hovering in the night sky, I noticed it and screamed out to them hello nice to meet you and they took off into the sky at light speed it seemed like. View Report

UFO Report #: 1458
March 8, 2023 - Waupun, Wisconsin

Three white lights slowly descended from the sky in a triangle formation. Just north of Waupun WI at about 2:25 am. The lights moved in unison as though they were part of a single craft. They descended far too slow to be meteorites. The lights did not blink like an aircraft. The disappeared as they approached the ground. View Report

UFO Report #: 1124
February 12, 2023 - Marinette , Wisconsin

I was leaving Marinette on Hwy 41 south approximately where the speed limit changes from 45 to 55 keeping in mind, there are no overpasses, bridges, powerlines around me on a double lane split highway trees around . I drove under something very large cylinder looking like black or very dark grey in color with some sort of either large wheels or a hatch visible as I looked up at this object, hovering about 100 feet in the air, completely silent and no lights that I saw . View Report

UFO Report #: 1078
February 11, 2023 - Madison, Wisconsin

This morning I woke @ 4:30am in Madison Wisconsin. I go outside to have morning a cigarette when to the northwest way up high in the atmosphere I see " 3 blinking lights ". It looked as though maybe only one of the three lights was reddish and the other two were bluish. This object seemed to be silent, and I watched this object go clear across the sky line to the northeast until it just seems to disappear. It seems to have gone from one end of the planet to the other. Then I finished my cigarette to listen for the sound of a jetliner, and it was completely silent!! What do you all think ? Super silent jet China spy balloon UAP View Report

UFO Report #: 1087
February 11, 2023 - Madison, Wisconsin

Saw a series of lights (at least 13) very high, move in a near straight line from sw to be. Timing was one at a time a few seconds between sightings. Sightings last a second or so. They were in the Gemini constellation between pollux and castor. View Report

UFO Report #: 786
January 14, 2023 - Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Strange blue light emitted from the night sky. View Report

UFO Report #: 593
December 22, 2022 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

this was my second occasion that i saw a UFO i knew one day i would see one. it started with me being in my ex girlfriend house an it was one of those night where the clouds was thick an slowly moving where it would block the moon than an open patch went slowly past the moon an something inside of me was like look outside the window an up at the sky as i already felt that if there was a day to see a ufo it would be on a night like this cause the cloud coverage an just like that a huge cigar shape flying object shot from behind the clouds the only way to explain it is it looked like a very bright star but up close an it was very close to the ground i was on the 3rd floor of an apartment building an it was close enough to shoot out of the sky as soon as i seen it i call my ex to hurry an see it she only saw the light of it as it was disappearing behind the clouds. View Report

UFO Report #: 521
December 13, 2022 - Potosi, Wisconsin

Driving home from work a quick beam of purple/red light shot across my line of sight high in the sky. Event lasted approximately 3 seconds no more than 5 seconds. It appeared as a Chem trail similar to a plane but was a flourecent and lasted only a few seconds. Similar to a firework tail after firing, but purple/red. Started in one area of sky and ended in another like a shooting star, but unlike any other shooting star I'd seen due to the color. View Report

UFO Report #: 547
November 26, 2022 - West bend, Wisconsin

Craft deliberately showed itself to me,then turned invisible before my eyes,except for 3 white lights that were evenly spaced in a horizontal line. I believe it left its lights on so I could watch it fly off. It was large, and totally silent, and moved faster than any drones I have witnessed. I know something else that I can only testify to Congress under oath,that they don't know or would want to believe. View Report

UFO Report #: 279
November 25, 2022 - Hartland, Wisconsin

I have abot 15 vidios evidence and videos last 2 nights of ufo activity and aliens in my neighborhood its overwhelming vidio. Who can i contact to share. View Report

UFO Report #: 612
August 2, 2022 - Plover, Wisconsin

Was coming home from work and witnessed two weird cloud's next to each other they had a bluish hue to it I took a photo of the first one there was open ground where I got a good photo of it it had an outline of a UFO shape dome on top. Then with photo number two I got a picture of both clouds, which almost looked like a gas to it, very strange they had a bluish hue. View Report

UFO Report #: 509
December 13, 2020 - Chippewa, Wisconsin

Square light apox. 6’x 4’ and two smaller lights on Secuity camera , when I heard Secuity go off looked a picture and said who the hell is parked right next to the house by our out door Christmas tree! I went out side to who it was and it was doing there, but it was gone! Then I seen an orange ball moving to the east of the house apox. 1/2 mile away and apox. 200’ in the air going south. I called the wife to come out with the binoculars. We watched it go apox. 3/4 mile south then the wife with the binoculars said it’s turning green in color, I looked at it with the binoculars and it turned silverish like bunched up tin foil. Then it started speeding up and accelerated out of sight.debated reporting it. Also in the fall a deer cam caught 6 pictures with a white ball going across the field apox. 10 to 20 feet off the ground. At first thought was someone with a light, but to high and deer in the picture. And on 10/11 22 at 19:06 am secuity caught a pic. Of a form of a face in the sky up at apox. 45 degrees. Showed a friend not able to explain that either. I have all the pictures. View Report

UFO Report #: 605
June 15, 2001 - Green bay, Wisconsin

Saw a black triangle ufo from a golf course about 20 miles west of St. Louis looking east for about a minute. It moved away “East and up to the south” and around one of the only clouds in the sky. The cloud swirled as it went behind it. Also, was driving by DIA and saw a very bright light rocket straight up into the sky from it’s center. View Report

UFO Report #: 1183
November 16, 1997 - Brown deer, Wisconsin

Was sleeping with my girlfriend at a rental property in St. Francis Wisconsin. Woke up at approximately 3am. Was looking at the floor to ceiling window and a grayish black cloud appeared outside the window. It then moved through the window into my bedroom and manifested into what I could best describe was a gray alien figure. It was hovering static and then moved across the middle of the room. I then became overwealmed with fear and I believe it felt my emotions and then reversed course back toward the window. In my mind I then thought please don’t leave. I promise I won’t be afraid. My guess is that it read my mind because it then came back to the middle of the room and set down onto the floor. It was a very shiny black. Like patent leather. About 4-41/2’ tall. Long arms and fingers. Body was very narrow. It’s head was bigger than a human being. Almond shaped. It then slowly and carefully began to walk toward me. When it got to about a foot or two from where I was lying in bed, it bent down and moved it’s face within a foot from mine. I could see my reflection in its eyes. I can tell it was a helmet of some sort. The eye portals were large and tapered down. There was no nose and the mouth was just a small slot. Just at that moment, I became excited and turned to my girlfriend to wake her up. I shook her and said wake up! There’s a alien in the room. And when I turned back to the alien, it was gone. The next morning I asked my girlfriend if she remembered me waking her up and saying something about an alien but she couldn’t recall. My opinion is that because of the house I was living in, being the oldest property in St.Francis, the location may have been a geological marker for them. Though I could not read the aliens thoughts, my guess was that it was curious but not intending anything malevolent. View Report

UFO Report #: 1325
March 27, 1991 - Springstead , Wisconsin

I was around 12 yrs old at the time. We were ice fishing the Flambeau Flowage WI around 1:30 pm. My uncles and I were inside the house when it sounded like a plane crashed in the woods by the house. We ran outside and saw 3 Oval Silver objects in a v shape quietly moving through the sky until we couldn’t see them anymore. The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. View Report

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