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UFO Report from Newport, Pennsylvania

Report: 1295

February 26, 2023

Can’t put into words the sounds and sightings I’ve now encountered / witness 4-5 times. I live along the juniata river, across is game lands and train tracks. Both sides are very steep and not easy to acesss. I’ve explored it since i could walk, now later in life I’m truly putting together a consistent list of what i now believe is a portal / passage way in the very steep mountain of these game lands. From Watching a train go by while I’m cat fishing to suddenly in seconds just disappears with only a beam of bright light go directly up and complete silence. The noise of the trains I don’t mind but when i fish i usually am not near my poles so i use Bells to hear if i have a bite. So when this train goes by it’s louder then usually, and annoyed me. And all the sudden the normal 3-5 minute pass by ends at the VERY certain spot that I’ve seen a glowing green light appear. But before that light appeared back in 2020, seconds before it you could hear Trees coming down or something crashing / separating. And bam glowing green light comes out of the side of the mountain. I don’t know what happened, but when i looked at my phone nearly 3 hours passed by when to me i should of only been a couple minutes. And I’ve seen other stuff but I’ve justified them as maybe other humans or kids were causing those. And this is only the start of some stuff i keep seeing without even looking for it. I’m just a River rat who lives to fish and hunt in my back yard.


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