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UFO Report from New hope, Pennsylvania

Report: 1571

July 29, 2023

I am a former naval flight surgeon and nasa dod flight doc as background. At 2123 on 29JUL23. Myself and two other observed an unfamiliar string of lights with different brightness and twinkling moving at a uniform speed and uniform intervals from west to east. There were partial low level clouds and Newark approach traffic in the air at the same time. These lights were a much higher elevation than the normal air traffic. The lights were white. It almost seemed like tracer fire but white. The speed was similar to tracer fire and in a straight line. The chain of lights took up about 1/10 of the visible sky and disappeared above the cloud cover to the east. I have never seen anything like this in my 54 years. The whole thing lasted about 20 seconds. I have video. Addendum about 2150 several dim slow moving single white lights without flashers at very high altitude followed in the same general direction. These seemed possibly like our planes giving chase? This took place a day after the space x falcon heavy was launched and may have something to do with that?


Hi. These were likely Starlink satellites.

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