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Large Misty Light Expelled Smaller Lights - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Report: 1747

January 7, 2024

I was driving west on I44 near I235 at 6:05 pm in Oklahoma City and saw a bright light slowly and steadily moving toward me (to the east) over NW Oklahoma City. It caught my attention because it was in a mist in a clear sky, and had no blinking lights like a plane. In the distance it seemed to change shape from 1 to 2 lights, then back to 1, then 2 again then back to 1. As it drew nearer, it was 1 large misty light, then all at once 4 or 5 more lights burst from it. These smaller lights flew around a bit then briefly aligned in a curved formation before disappearing. At this point I pulled over to film. Though I couldn't see this with my naked eye, my zoomed in video caught another smaller light launch from the larger light. Zoomed in, you can see a bright disk shape within the main light/mist. The light(s) that flitter around it at lightening speeds also appear to have a disc shape if you zoom in. I just read the other Oklahoma report from Heavener last night. It is similar to what I saw. I had happened to meet a global authority on UFO's on a plane last year, and sent the video to him last night. He confirmed it as a "real" UFO encounter.


Saw the same thing over Newcastle, OK last night. It emerged to the west of me and slowly traveled south before disappearing.

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