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Silver Cylindrical Ships with No Wings - Thorndale, Pennsylvania

Report: 1787

March 21, 2024

I have witnessed ships day and night for 3 years. Daytime silver cylindrical ships no wings. When they turn there are red lights. I get their attention and they backup and hover for many seconds. I see 15-20 per day. Clearly not airplanes. At night many hover above my sky. Bright white lights with arms. Two main ones hover above me and follow me as I walk my dog. I never fear them. I was in the Hospital Oct and Dec and one was outside my window both times. I meet with them outside my home above every clear night. I have photos. In addition, twice last year, once walking a path a large bright ORB appeared in front of me lasting only several seconds and then outside my back porch again lasting only seconds. But, last night outside my back porch up higher in sky I witnessed that large white ORB and it hovered back and forth above me but didn't get real close to see anything but light. I watched it for 30 min.


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