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Multiple Orbs Flying Around Each Other at the Twin Arrows Casino - Twin arrows/flagstaff, Arizona

Report: 1792

March 17, 2024

At about 3:40am I was parked at the twin arrows casino in Arizona facing east when I noticed about 8 to 10 lights. It looked like stars or planes at first with their formation but then some would get really bright then fade to black but zigzag and fly around each other in a circle. I got a picture from my iphone 15 pro max of their formation with 5 in a square and 1 top left dim light and 1 bottom dim. They were over New Mexico area I am guessing near Shiprock and standing rock. As a truck driver I see sometimes often. I don't know how I can upload the picture to here though. After they did this formation several times they disappeared towards Fort Wingate New Mexico.


Thank you for your report. We also received a report from Tennessee, possibly the same objects: https://www.ufoindex.com/report?report=1779


That's so crazy. Like Ken said, it's very similar to what I saw on March 10th. Thank you for sharing your story. Trisha R.
I’m a international airline pilot flying mostly trans pacific routes. I am seeing a similar thing on a regular basis and have been for at least 2 years now. Have no idea what these are. Someone with a high quality zoom camera needs to capture these and blow them up for detail.

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