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Reflective Disc Hovered Motionless in the Sky - Bullard, Texas

Report: 1823

April 4, 2024

I was taking my daughter to school around 7:15 and I looked North East and saw what I assumed was a star but that wasn’t logical because the sun was up. I watched the object while we were driving to Bullard, Texas. As I got closer to Bullard I realized it wasn’t a star but a craft sitting completely still and reflecting the sun. It was flat and very reflective and motionless. It had no condensation trails or anything that resembled a jet or plane. It definitely wasn’t a helicopter. It was the wrong shape to be a weather balloon. I’m still baffled by what I saw and I’m curious as to what it was. The object wasn’t actually in Bullard. It was much farther North East Texas.


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