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Boomerang UFO with Central Flashing Light - Manheim, Pennsylvania

Report: 1843

April 8, 2024

Approximately 11 a.m., riding with my husband on Rt. 283, near Lancaster County, PA. Saw a red, slow-flying object in a shape resembling a boomerang with a flashing light in the center. It was not a plane, helicopter nor blimp. It was large like those though. I took 2 photos of it with my cell phone, zooming in and seeing it as I took them. For the first photo, there were wires in the way, so I took the second photo. Although I saw it with my eyes while I took the photos, it did not appear on the photos. There is a circle in the clouds where the object would have been on the first photo. It totally disappeared from view after I took the photos.


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